Spider-Man Playthrough – Part 1 – 12

Hello, my name is Cade and I’m a new columnist for Galaxy of Geek. Many of my interests center around playing video games, watching movies, music appreciation, and taking long walks on the beach.

I mainly focus on Sony and Nintendo games, but will dabble in the occasional PC game. Also, I run a YouTube channel called Cade’s Arcade where I do video reviews, daily play throughs, Let’s Plays, and anything else I feel like making that’s video game related. Below, you can check out my commentary free Play Through of Spider-Man for the Playstation 4.

In part 1, Pater Parker begins his journey by taking down one of Peter’s long time nemesis’ Wilson Fisk.

In part 2, we learn what Peter’s does for work as a scientist, and Peter gets an upgrade suit in the process.

In part 3, Peter soils some illegal fun, help set up a party for his aunt, and encounters a new enemy.

In part 4, Peter is “shocked” to run into a familiar face while he deals with some difficulties at work.

In part 5, Peter befriends a cop who isn’t afraid to slam some justice in the face of criminals.

In part 6, Peter goes dumpster diving and then picks a fight with a helicopter’s wrecking ball.

In part 7, officer Davis accepts an award, but it comes at a price.

In part 8, Peter decides to search Li’s closet to see if there’s any skeletons to be found.

In part 9, Peter heads out to save Charles Standish from the Demons.

In part 10, breaks into Norman’s office to learn a little bit more about Devil’s Breath.

In part 11, Peter tries his best to keep the Devil’s Breath away from the Demon’s.

In part 12, the Demons attempt to release the Devil’s Breath.

Of course, expect daily Playthroughs and Let’s Plays over on my YouTube channel at Cade’s Arcade, and right here on Galaxy of Geek.

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