Kingdom hearts VR Experience Review… Part 1

Check out this quick Playthrough of the Kingdom Hearts VR Experience!

Kingdom Hearts is a series that is very near and dear to my heart, pun not intended. I’ve been with the series since the original released on the Playstation 2 in North America back in September of 2002. I continue to support this bizarre yet wonderful crossover that should have never worked, but managed to do so spectacularly.

I’m also someone who is all for VR games in general, so hearing that Kingdom Hearts was getting the VR treatment, you can only imagine my level of excitement. However, this title in the series is not a VR game, it is an experience first and foremost.

You might be wondering how a VR Experience is any different than a VR game. To put it simply a VR Experience is basically a tech demo, a proof of concept if you will, and the Kingdom Hearts VR Experience follows this model.

Now time to get into the meat of the experience. Kingdom Hearts VR (I’m just gonna call it KH VR from now on) Is roughly about 10 minutes long. You start off in the iconic Gummi ship where you experience part of the opening to Kingdom Hearts 3. From there, you get transported to this tunnel featuring clips from iconic and memorable moments from the series. All while listening to some nostalgia driven tunes that helps to make the whole experience immersive. Shortly after, you’re then transported to Destiny Island where you are then greeted by some familiar faces. You’re now experiencing one of the most memorable moments in the entire series in first person from Sora’s perspective. I absolutely love being able to see this scene reenacted from a different perspective. We are then entertained by a water show which gives me some major World of Color vibes. You see more iconic moments from the series before ending off with a big firework finale.

The whole thing from start to finish is a spectacle to behold. This is one title every Kingdom Hearts fan should experience, provided they have access to a PSVR head set. I mean come on, the whole thing is free so you can’t really argue with that.

Now time to get into the things I didn’t like about the experience. I wish I was able to use my Move controllers to swing the Keyblade around but there isn’t any interactivity, it’s completely passive. I also wished that there was more to see and do than just the Gummi Ship and Destiny Island. While yes this is just an experience and not a full game, I’ve done some VR Experiences that were way more involved and had more to see and do than in this title. Considering that this title was delayed twice, I thought they were gonna add more to it. The experience has been out for a while now in Japan, but other than the language, there isn’t really anything that’s different in the English version. This just makes me wonder why it was delayed. Considering how shallow of an experience this was, I can’t imagine translating it would justify delaying it as long as they did. But it’s here… and it’s free so I can’t really complain.

As the title to this article states, this is part 1 of a 2 part review. It’s well known that Square Enix is going to be releasing more KHVR content in a second part, and when that drops you can be sure I’m gonna cover it right here on Galaxy of Geek. Now you might be wondering why the lack of content would bother me if I knew that there was gonna be a second part to the experience. It bothers me for one single reason… because there’s only 1 more level teased in the experience and nothing else. I really hope what’s currently being teased isn’t everything and that Square Enix has more planned for the experience.

In short, KHVR is a fun spectacle of a distraction, but is as shallow as they come. Do you need to play the other games to really enjoy this title? No you don’t, but I can’t imagine you’ll get much enjoyment out of it if you aren’t a fan of these games.

Anyways, this is where I’ll be signing off. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I cover Kingdom Hearts and so much more. Thank you so much for reading and I will see you guys next time. Take care now!

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