Tru Facts: Kingdom Hearts Fun Facts (Part 1)

Kingdom Hearts is a unique series, to say the least. Combining the iconic stories of Disney films with the long-running Final Fantasy franchise proved to be a better match than what anyone could have predicted. With a cross-over as huge as Kingdom Hearts, you’ll undoubtedly run into your fair share of easter eggs, references, and anything in-between. With all that said, let’s take a look at some fun facts found in the original Kingdom Hearts!

Final Fantasy Music Box

If you head on over to Ariel’s Grotto in Atlantica, you can spot a figurine of a little girl. This is a music box, and you can hear it play a small tune when you hit it. Be aware that it’s very difficult to make out the song it’s playing due to how loud the background music gets. However, people with a keen sense of hearing have been able to confirm that it plays this classic Final Fantasy 7 track.

Coliseum Victory Poses

Are you someone that likes Final Fantasy? Well turns out Sora does too! Over in Olympus Coliseum, after every round, Sora and the gang will celebrate their victory with poses that are identical to the ones you’d see Cloud and Leon perform in their respective games. See how many you can spot!

Chocobo Drawing

On the Destiny Islands, there is a cave where the children would go and draw various pictures on the walls. Among all foreshadowing imagery, you’ll find one referencing the iconic Chocobo from the Final Fantasy series. This can be found near the entrance.

Sora’s Weight

If you traverse over to Traverse Town’s Item shop, you can find a scale that Sora can step on. What’s interesting is the needle will only move when Sora is on it because Goofy and Donald appear weightless when they try.

Lady and Tramp Fountain

In the 3rd District of Traverse Town, you can find a fountain depicting an iconic moment from a classic Disney film.

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