[Replayability Review] Cadence of Hyrule – An Appetizer of a Game

Initial Impression Hello and welcome back to Galaxy of Geek for another Replayability Review from Cade’s Arcade. I’m Cade! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a fantastic launch title for the Switch. It featured numerous improvements with the gameplay that propelled Zelda into the next generation. But one criticism that plagued the game was the lack of […]

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OVIVO – Review

My selfish relationship with puzzle games is that I tend to only lean towards ones with inventive mechanics. Portal, Limbo, The Talos Principle, etc. While I don’t mind more traditional puzzles or puzzle-solving, like the Professor Layton franchise, I always feel more incentivized when a game is able to truly take advantage of its medium. Enter OVIVO, a platformer developed […]

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