Dr. Geek: Getting to Know the Nintendo Wii U

One of the first posts I wrote for CBR addressed the next gen — 8th generation — video game consoles.  At the time, a whole year ago, all we knew for certain was the next gen coming from Nintendo, the Wii U.  Anything on Sony and Microsoft’s updates to their respective PlayStation and Xbox offerings were purely speculative.  Since then, […]

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Dr. Geek: What CES Meant for Gamers

Every year the best, most innovative, and oddest inventions in consumer electronics, the type of technological gadgetry that inhabit and enliven our daily lives, come together for an orgy of originality.  The International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES if you are cool enough, wrapped up last week, showcasing everything from Ultra HD television sets (or 4K sets since they have […]

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I survived a trip to L.A. and all I got was OH MY GOD E3!

  E3 is the dream conference in the eyes of a gamer.  In that magical land of sack boys and blue hedgehogs you’re treated to all of the upcoming games and consoles.  A lot of us have to experience it through the warm, comforting glow of a computer screen.  However, some fortunate souls get to step through the doors of […]

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