In 2020, I beat more Games Than I Ever Have Before (Best & Worst of 2020 list)

  In 2020 my New Year’s Resolution was to beat at least 30 games, crushing my total of 25 from last year (Article Here), and I did it! I actually beat over 30 games this year, which shouldn’t have been hard, given how much more time we had to spend inside, but doesn’t mean it helped me focus. I spent […]

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Why The Digital Monster Ver. 20th is the best Quarantine Buddy

Quarantine seems to be dragging on forever and my timeline is full of people dealing with this never ending drudge by getting new pets. Cute new kittens, puppies and many other feathered or scaled friends. I totally encourage adopting pets from your local shelter. There are plenty of animals that are looking for permanent homes. I myself already have quite […]

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