HG Perfect Strike Freedom Review

My HG Perfect Strike Freedom

I am starting off my Gunpla reviews with something from the line that got me into Gunpla, Gundam Breaker Battlogue! It’s a fun youtube series full of fan service and the kits in this line are a great way to get an introduction to Gundam and Gunpla because they combine suits from basically every Gundam series. Today’s Gunpla though is just a combination of different mobile suits from one Timeline, Cosmic Era (CE), or Gundam Seed & it’s spin offs. This suit uses the Strike Freedom Gundam as a base with the many, many weapons of the Perfect Strike Freedom.

 I wasn’t exactly too excited to build this, as I wasn’t the biggest fan of Seed. I dug the show as a remake of the OG Mobile Suit Gundam with modern sensibilities. Yet it is a little messy at points, writing wise and just getting caught up in its own politics. No hate at all though. I love all Gundam shows, I just have more favorites than others. Seed has awesome action, and fantastic mobile suits, what’s not to like about that. All that aside, I decided it was time to build this big guy, because it was the biggest box in the backlog and I knew getting it done would make more room for even more kits. The backlog is endless.

The real highlight of this kit is the backpack. It is absolutely massive and cool! It also sort of works as a stand for my photos here. The backpack makes this unit a little back heavy once equipped but it is able to stabilize itself. Without the backpack, it is the very slim but classic looking Strike Freedom, with cool weapon shoulders but why would you take off the backpack. It adds so much and has a GIANT wing span.

I will say that this Gunpla just screams “Maximalism” as it shoves not only weapons all over the mech but also in it’s two giant weapons, the “Schwert Gewehr” Ship destroying sword and “Agni” Hyper Impulse gun. They even combine to become this massive Gunsword that was definitely the weapon I stuck with the most. It’s just a rad looking weapon and kinda matches the giant backpack. I think the Maximization of all the accessories might not be to some people’s taste but for Seed fans, this is pure fan service. I wasn’t into the many different colored plastics for this kit before I started building but it really makes this kit stand out on the shelf with it’s unique color combos.

This was my first kit doing two things. It was my first time using Mr. Mark Setter & Mr. Mark Softner on my decals and I definitely recommend these products for making sure your water slide decals don’t go anywhere. I also brought out the tiny Humidifier I bought to add “smoke” or “fog” to my photos. I want to add some atmosphere. They are super cheap on Amazon for two of them. I definitely need to practice more but I dig the effect. 

I am, overall, pleasantly surprised by this. It was something I wasn’t super looking forward to but it was a relatively easy build, super solid, not losing any bits while I did my shoot and is quite striking (pun intended). I would definitely recommend it for Seed fans and for fans who want something with a lot of accessories.  

I am going to use the rating system from my podcast The Warped Shelf of owning this kit. The rating system goes, Pre Order it, Get it now, Get it on Sale and Nope. I would say this is a Get it now from Seed fans and a Get it on Sale for everyone else. 

Thanks for reading my first Gunpla review, be sure to check out my gunpla instagram @yupgundam for more gunpla photos.

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