Tru Facts: Kingdom Hearts Fun Facts (Part 2)

Kingdom Hearts is a unique series, to say the least. Combining the iconic stories of Disney films with the long-running Final Fantasy franchise proved to be a better match than what anyone could have predicted. With a cross-over as huge as Kingdom Hearts, you’ll undoubtedly run into your fair share of easter eggs, references, and anything in-between. With all that said, let’s take a look at some fun facts found in the original Kingdom Hearts!

Sora’s Outfit

As a fun little nod to the mouse that started it all, Sora’s outfit in the original Kingdom Hearts pays homage to Mickey’s timeless look.

No 99 Dalmatians in Atlantica

There’s a side quest that has Sora and the gang track down 99 puppies 1001 Dalmatians. Players find these puppies in chest from various Disney worlds. Contrary to popular believe, Atlantica Is actually the only Disney world that does not feature the puppies, since, you know, puppies can’t breathe underwater. And yet shoving them into chests three at a time makes perfect sense.

Mrs. Potts

In Tarzan, when the gorillas turn the camp into their personal playground, Mrs. Potts makes an appearance. This was an Easter egg that was brought into Kingdom Hearts when you visit Tarzan’s world Deep Jungle.

Stone Archimedes

Arthur: Ooh, what a perfect stuff owl!

Archimedes: I beg your pardon?

Arthur: He’s alive, and he talks!

Sword in the Stone, 1963

Of course he talks! He is a magician’s owl! Except Archimedes doesn’t talk, and is most likely just a statue in Kingdom Hearts. He just sits in front of Merlin’s hut, staring into your soul.

Merlin’s Toys

Merlin: This for Instance, this is a steam locomotive. Now that won’t be invented for hundreds of years!

Sword in the Stone, 1963

Then here we are, hundreds of years later, thinking ‘why didn’t we think of this before?’

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