What are The Galaxy Of Geek Staff Most Excited about in 2021? (Gaming/Movies/TV)


The only struggle more difficult than remembering all the movies you saw in a year is attempting to pick which one was the best. Every year just to get started I have to check my notes and… oh… it appears that this year’s list is Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn and Bill & Ted Face the Music.  Alright, so 2020 isn’t going down in the history books as a great year for cinema and the gaming industry hasn’t faired a whole lot better.  A year of plagued by delays and major game releases overshadowed by disappointing fan reception (looking at you Paper Mario) or buggy game play (not just Cyberpunk, go read the “known issues” list for AC: Valhalla if you’ve got the time) and massive stock shortages of consoles putting a damper on what is usually the most exciting time to be a gamer.   TV certainly faired a bit better in 2020, but overall 2020 was a rough year in more ways than one. 

So with that in mind, rather than the typical round up/discussion attempting to highlight some bright spots in the dumpster fire that has been the last year, lets instead take a moment to look forward to what we are most excited for 2021.


Tristan:  My choice may surprise some as it quickly became a punching bag in 2020 but I am unapologetically really looking forward to Halo Infinite.  It’s been a while since I’ve been sucked into Halo and I’m excited to see the franchise shift a bit and try something new.  The “games as a service” model is of course tricky but Microsoft has proven a willingness to support the model (Sea of Thieves) and Halo isn’t some new franchise attempting to get off the ground.  As the amount of multiplayer I’ve played has dwindled over the years, and with the last two Halo game’s campaigns being over relatively quickly, I’m excited at the prospect of ongoing Halo content to ingest (the fact that this will also be included with my Game Pass subscription just sweetens the deal).  Lastly, Infinite appears to be going in the direction of a more “open world” format for Halo and that is just simply something I want.  Honorable mention though to the port of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury for the Switch because like most people I never owned a Wii-U and never got to play it originally (though I do not look forward to Nintendo inevitably charging full price for a fairly lazy port again and tossing some arbitrary limited availability into the mix as well).

Frank: Give me Monster Hunter: Rise right noooow.
I usually have a ton of games on preorder and plenty to look forward to but obviously this year is different. All I need in 2021 is a fantastic Monster Hunter Game,  it seriously would elevate the whole year if Rise delivers. I have absolutely loved my time with Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Switch but I am ready for a true next generation Monster Hunter game. I dug Monster Hunter World but loved MHGU more, so I know I will love Rise. The new monsters are hype and having a Dog you can customize and ride on is just amazing. I am sure there are other great games coming out but all I need is a good hunting group and I will be good to go for 2021


Deshawn: Gaming-wise, as we’ve transitioned to a new console generation, there are plenty of things to look forward to, assuming they do indeed release this year. I’m primarily a Sony guy, and probably the only person I know who’s really excited for Oddworld: Soulstorm. I’ve loved the series since I was a kid, from Odyssee, to Exoddus, to Stranger’s Wrath. My thing with puzzle games is that I like something that’s reinventing the wheel, something that’s only possible in the medium and relatively unique to the genre. So while I enjoy traditional fare like the Professor Layton series, I tend to lean more towards games like PortalThe Talos Principle, or The Witness. So a new Oddworld installment is a nice, more intimate thing to look forward to that’s personal to me, as much as I’m excited for bigger releases like the next Horizon or God of War.


Cade: The games I’m looking forward to in 2021. While most of these don’t officially have a release date, there’s a chance they could release in 2022. But as of yet that isn’t the case, so moving on!




Tristan: I am really curious to see what they are going to do with The Matrix 4.  I don’t expect great things but the potential for greatness is there and my interest is peaked.  Similarly intrigued by James Gunn’s take on The Suicide Squad and to see what they do with Godzilla vs King Kong.  The movie I’ve become most excited for however is the next Spider-Man film.  The casting rumors are pointing to something very different than what the last two have given us and, actually it’s just because they cast Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock. That’s it.  Now just take my money.



Deshawn: The trick about things to look forward to in 2021 is that we were cheated out of a lot of things that were due to drop this past year, especially on the film side, so rather than lament at the continued delays of Godzilla vs. Kong, Dune, No Time to Die, or A Quiet Place Part II (the first of which is really getting my nerves), I’d rather focus on the positive. Let’s just say I’m tired of the world keeping me and Edgar Wright’s new film apart.


Tristan: There’s a lot to be excited for with TV in 2021.  Rick and Morty season 5 should premier sometime in the next year and a host of Marvel shows coming to Disney+ provides a lot for geeks to be excited about but without a doubt the show I am more excited for in 2021 is Season 3 of Harley Quinn.  This DC Universe turned HBO Max original is literally the only show that is making me wish I had kept my HBO Max trial and probably the main reason I’ll re-sub in 2021.  The first two seasons of this show were funny, smart and full of genuine character development that you just don’t expect from what is also a “zany” animated comedy.  Harley Quinn is the best thing DC has put out in years and I can’t wait for more of it.


Frank: Anime Godzilla


Deshawn: One of the advantages of being a huge weeb is that the anime industry hasn’t been nearly as affected by current events as live-action affair, and this year seems to be focused on unfinished business. At the time I’m writing this, The Promised Neverland season 2 has just started, and Dr. Stone: Stone Wars is due next week, so that’ll start me off. This year will also bring the final season of Fruits Basket, that fourth Evangelion film that’s finally happening, Zombie Land Saga’s getting a second season after three years. Hell, even Bleach is coming back to adapt the rest of the manga. I’m not sure whether Bleach being back in the conversation is an ill omen or a delightful novelty. Between it, One Piece hitting it’s 1000th chapter, and Detective Conan (Case Closed) about to hit its 1000th episode, I half expect this all to be a part of some dark prophecy.Either way, there’s always a surprise just around the corner.


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