Review: Risk Factions

In honor of this week’s sale on select EA digital content, including Risk: Factions, a special edition review!  Now with more words and less nudity! Risk has a bit of notoriety to it.  It is best known as the game that can take weeks to play to completion and carries with it the reputation of the type of tabletop gamer […]

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Review: Plants vs Zombies

This week’s “Deal of the Week” on Xbox Live is none other than Pop Cap’s Plants vs. Zombies, but let us turn our attention to the more engaging contest this week; Pop Cap vs. your wallet. Pop Cap is known for making fun, engaging “pick up and play” titles, and Plants vs. Zombies certainly isn’t the exception.  The tower defense […]

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Review: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

It’s no secret that Prince of Persia’s latest platforming adventure, The Forgotten Sands, was largely forgotten by the consumers.  Even for a game that was, technically, a movie tie-in the sales were poor.  Combined with Ubisofts typical attitude towards the price of their software (that it should drop and drop quickly) the game hit clearance-shelf level prices fast.  While largely […]

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