Ms. Silver Screen: Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

MiracleFrank: Okay, we’re doing something a little different for our review of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Since both of us paid to see this hunk of shit, we’re going to have a discussion about it, and then post the transcript of the discussion, because I read somewhere that “movie review discussion transcript” is now like the number 3 most-searched item […]

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Cinematic Soulmates: Spirited Away, Pan’s Labyrinth and Coraline

Stories that follow the traditional “hero’s journey” template are often geared toward adolescent boys, and feature easily identifiable male characters in the lead role.  Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and countless other properties can be placed into this rather broad category, and they all tend to reinforce the notion of the young male protagonist as champion or […]

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Cinematic Soulmates: Into the Wild and Grizzly Man

From the earliest days of cinema, filmmakers have long been fascinated by the often contentious relationship that exists between Mankind and nature.  Indeed, one simply has to look at director Robert J. Flaherty’s Nanook of the North (1922) for an early example of this, as it perfectly illustrates the give and take relationship we share with the natural world.  Since […]

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