DLC Review – The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles (The Gunstringer)

Following our review of The Gunstringer for Kinect, it seemed fitting to take a moment to take a quick look at the game’s DLC, The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles.  Available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for the unbeatable price of FREE, this nearly 2GB sized game add-on takes the basic gameplay of The Gunstringer to a… unique new experience. The […]

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iTuesday Review: Spy Mouse for iPhone (get the game for FREE!)

  Just one short week ago Starbucks and Apple expanded their long-standing iTunes Pick of the Week promotion to include Apps.  iTunes Pick of the Week has been around since 2008 offering Starbucks customers a chance to download a free song from the iTunes Music Store. When I heard the first App to be featured in this promotion was Shazaam […]

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iTuesday: Unpleasant Horse for iPhone and iPad

Unpleasant Horse is Pop Cap’s first release under it’s new 4th and Battery Label. According to the description in the App Store, the game is a result of a “game jam” where employees drew a game description from a hat and then had 24 hours to make a game. The name that was randomly drawn was “unpleasant horse racing through […]

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