Review: Avengers: Infinity War – 10 years snapped by

Regardless of how you feel about the Marvel movies as a whole, Avengers: Infinity War is the definition of a cinematic event. Not just for the sheer spectacle or massive cast, though it has both of those to spare, Infinity War is a film that has done something no other film has done before. It is the culmination of 18 films and the world those films have built. Does it (can it?) live up to the hype?

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Dr. Geek: Jesus Christ, Superhero?

With C2E2 almost set to launch from the McCormick Place in downtown Chicago, I wrap up my three part series on superheroes with this entry, in which I attempt to answer this question: do religious figures and the heroes of legend fall under the definition of “superheroes,” as outlined in part I? First, let’s look at the heroes of legend […]

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Ms. Silver Screen: Explosive Summer Blockbusters

Now that summer is officially here and heating things up – albeit sporadically (crazy Chicago weather) – the cinema is heating up as well. We should all celebrate the fact that we made it through movie theater death – January through April at the theaters – with a look back at the hottest summer blockbusters of all time. Let’s start things […]

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