Backlog Quest II: Day 13 – Brave (NDS) – Gingers are people too!

Dear Journal, Today I learned that gingers are people too, just tiny, pixilated people. So we have a movie-tie-in game for a children’s movie on the DS here. Now, you’re saying to yourself that you shouldn’t expect much from it, after all, that is like the be-all end-all list of bad signs for a game going in. You’d be mostly […]

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Backlog Quest: Day 28 – Cars 2

Dear Journal, Today I drove around in cars that are self aware, which is kind of creepy if you think about it too much. Cars 2 is another “kart style racer” in the spirit of Mario Kart (not the first one to be reviewed during Backlog Quest).  Though obviously, rather than “go-karts” the characters are themselves the cars this time […]

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Cinematic Soulmates: ¡Three Amigos!, A Bug’s Life, and Galaxy Quest

In my last column, I discussed how cinema is essentially a medium that is built upon its own history, with countless directors using their own films as excuses to pay homage to those that inspired them.  Whether it come in the form of lifting a particular bit of technical flair like a camera movement or editing choice, or the outright […]

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