Dual Screens: Awesome Pea: REVIEW (Xbox one & Nintendo switch)

Awesome Pea

Often times multiple authors wind up playing the same game at the same time but the differences between consoles may not warrant two separate reviews. Dual Screens is a segment on Galaxy of Geek where two authors review the same game but each offer their own perspective and score.  Nintendo Switch By: Frank Duran Awesome Pea is full of nostalgia but […]

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Review: Organ Trail: Director’s Cut – Zombies and dysentery, a winning combination

In the 1800s, the western United States was settled thanks largely to the Oregon Trail, a journey countless have relived in the classic Oregon Trail video game. In Organ Trail: Director’s Cut, iOS users can take the next step as they embark on a similarly deadly journey westward towards a Safe Haven from a zombie apocalypse and the onslaught of […]

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Review: Duckers – Go Duck Yourself!

How do you mine for gems in the earth? With a flaming blue duck. DUH! Everybody knows that! You’re so dumb….sheesh. Duckers, developed by Retro Dreamer, is a game where you choose which direction to go pulsing downward through the soil to collect gems, coins, and other prizes, with a hint of Dig Dug added to it. The plot of […]

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