Review: Remember Me

Produced by Dontnod Studios and published by Capcom, Remember Me is an adrenaline-fueled action-adventure game set in a cyberpunk dystopia in which human memory has become commoditized and monopolized by a giant corporation called Memorize. You play as a talented rebel “memory hunter” named Nilin, who begins the game in prison with her memory removed. Under the guidance of a […]

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Dr. Geek: Getting to Know the Nintendo Wii U

One of the first posts I wrote for CBR addressed the next gen — 8th generation — video game consoles.  At the time, a whole year ago, all we knew for certain was the next gen coming from Nintendo, the Wii U.  Anything on Sony and Microsoft’s updates to their respective PlayStation and Xbox offerings were purely speculative.  Since then, […]

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Dr. Geek: Ouya and the Spirit of Open Source

Here at Clearance Bin Review, we have been doing what we can to help and shed light on the segment of digital gaming that is indie gaming.  We’ve reviewed a variety of independent games and covered the Xbox Live Independent Games Uprisings.  And we’ve covered the more mainstream, “standard” games for the big three console companies of Nintendo, Sony and […]

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