First Impressions: Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!

Ad·ven·ture. Noun. Aimlessly plodding through eventless dungeon after eventless dungeon.

First Impressions is a close look at the crucial first hour spent with a game and its’ ability to draw you in or turn you away. Somewhere between a review and a preview. Ugh, the dirge of licensed titles. History has, unfortunately, shown us that no studio, no creator and no IP is exempt from half-hearted attempts to cash in […]

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Dr. Geek: The Next Generation of Video Game Consoles

What was the first video game console system you played on?  Was it a PlayStation 2?  A Sega Dreamcast?  A Super Nintendo Entertainment System?  An Atari 2600?  A Magnavox Odyssey? In 1972, Magnavox released the Odyssey as the first computer system built to connect to a television set in order to allow people to play digital games in the comfort […]

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The Internet’s response to the Wii U announcement (in pictures)

The Internet is not just for porn, no my friends, it is also a source of funny photos of cats.  Sometimes though some other stuff gets posted too, such as some humorous reactions to a new console by Nintendo.  We’ve decided to put together a collection of images expressing the various opinions and reactions to the Wii U (there are […]

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