Review: Harm’s Way

For a little over a month numerous people including Budz McGee and myself have enjoyed the carnage filled Xbox Live arcade game “Harms Way.”

The sole and simple objective of the game is to win the race; which can prove difficult depending who is gunning (literally) for you as you twist and turn your way across three desert-themed tracks. Four two-person teams make up the race, one driver and one “sniper.” Sniper?  What an understatement for this mortar spamming, chain gun wrecking, precision rifle death machine that will lay waste to opposing teams as they scream in horror like a small child scrambling for the next checkpoint. Patience is essential when driving in Harms Way, and selection of a vehicle that best fits your driving style is of the up most importance. (like bullet magnet) As you floor it like a faulty Toyota on steroids, take note of power ups, for both driver and gunner alike; don’t bogart the firepower!

With explosions erupting around my VW bus, and spiking the controller for a third time, I’m reminded of the absence of a large online community. Playing with friends is quite accessible, but searching for any Xbox Live matches seems impossible. When push comes to shove, Harm’s Way from Snackstrong Productions is an excellent game- seeing that the price is FREE… Yes, free… So if some of you monkeys ante up and finally start playing online, I’ll be gunning for you, literally.

Final Rating: 7/10

CBR Break Down:

Console Played On: Xbox 360

Approximate Time to Completion: ~1 hour

Gamer Score Earned: 150g/200g

Price Bought at: N/A

Recommend Purchase Price: It’s free, so get it before it’s gone!


  • Wondering why yellojaket’s first review is a bit on the short side? Well first off the game is pretty short so it works, but mostly it’s because his mac died and he had to type this up on his iphone. haha

    For the most part I agree with yellojaket’s review of the game. While he enjoys the driving much more than I do, the main problems were the low number of tracks (which all look similar), over powered sniper and lack of online community.

  • 5 points for finding a way to make a Talladega Nights joke.

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