iTuesday Review: Mos Speedrun for iPhone and iPad

Mos Speedrun is an iOS game where you play as a ladybug racing against time while avoiding an odd variety of enemies including aliens and zombies. It’s a side-scroller where beating a round involves more than just reaching the end of the level. Each round has four badges you need to earn. A badge for making it the end of the stage, a badge for collecting all the coins on the stage, a badge for finding a hidden skull in the stage, and one for completing the stage within a set amount of time. If an enemy hits you, you’ll have to start the stage over, and you only receive a badge if you make it to the end of the stage with the objective complete. Meaning, if you find a hidden scull, you wont get a badge unless you also make it to the end of the round.

Bumble Bees and Zombies are just a few of the enemies you will come across in Mos Speedrun

The time badge is really what makes the game. It seems like when attempting the other badges my main focus was scoping out the round so I would be ready to run through it and attempt the time badge. Also, it’s definitely possible to pick up all the badges except for the time badge in one run through. Not to say the other badges are just handed to you, but the real challenge in the game is when you’re trying to run through each round as fast as possible. It’s easy to avoid an enemy when you take your time, but when every second matters it’s quite a bit more difficult.  You don’t have time to think when going after the time badge. All you can do is run. If there was a fire ball shooting out of lava I would often just jump and hope I didn’t hit it; there was no time to wait till it passed.

There were many times when I reached the end of the level just seconds (or even less than a second) too late of earning the time badge. The game has a cool “ghost” feature. Each time you die another ghost of a past attempt will appear on screen. This is actually really helpful because it allow you during the entire run to know if you’re beating your past time. Sometimes these ghosts can get a bit distracting, but if they really bother you the game does allow you to turn them off.

You’ll realize exactly how many times you’ve died on a given round when you watch herds of ghosts run the round with you

There are two control options for Mos Speedrun. The first is a control style known as “mos”. The way this works is you tap on a direction to run that way and tap on the other side of the screen to jump. This works really well, except for it takes a second to switch directions. In this game, there are not seconds to spare. Also when using these controls under water it’s a bit awkward. I recommend using the other option, the D-pad on the left side of the screen and a jump button on the right of the screen. The iPad version also has a feature where you can move the position of the D-Pad and jump button. I didn’t find this to be necessary, but it’s nice to have that option. The D-Pad works great, which is something that can’t be said for many iPhone games.

Mos Speedrun has the look and feel of an old school game, while at the same time being something new and different. The graphics and music are nostalgic while the game is completely new.

The game has four levels, each with 5 different stages. Each stage has four different badges to be earned, making there a total of 80 badges to earn before you complete the entire game. Mos Speedrun is available in the app store for iPhone and iPad for only $1.99.

Final Rating: 7/10

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On: iPhone 4/ iPad (1st generation)
Approximate Time to Completion: 4 – 5 hours
Price Bought at: N/A Review copy provided by Physmo
Recommend Purchase Price: $1.99 is fair. If it ever drops to $.99 don’t pass it up! If you want it even cheaper than that keep reading below.

The best price for any game is free! That’s why Physmo, makers of Mos Speedrun, has provided us with four download codes. If you want to be one of the lucky four to receive a free copy of Mos Speedrun here’s what you have to do:

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  • 1. Saw 1 of my friends RT a giveaway from CBR & I started to do the same ever since.
    2. Plants vs. Zombies since I played it the most compared to other games & it’s just plain fun to play.
    3. Allied Star Police

  • My favorite iOS game is Cut the Rope, because it’s amusing and has many good challenges.

    @alee67 on Twitter, Andrew Lee on Facebook

  • reviewreviewvid

    Pretty good review. Definitely worth reading and overall useful; especially if I am considering buying the game. Final Rating: 8.6

    I heard of CBR on the facebook and looked it up b/c I was interested to see how Plants vs Zombies was reviewed.

    I would like to see Gun Bros. reviewed on this website.

  • Saw this review, first time I heard of this game. Looks interesting. My favorite game is battleheart.

  • I downloaded this on my iTouch the other day!! It’s awesome. I can’t imagine how legendary this would be on iPad compared to my iTouch. Even so, its still pretty glorious on my iTouch.

    Overall, this is a pretty underrated game. I’d say 7 is an accurate review.

    Now I just need to trade my iTouch in for iPad!! 🙂

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