Review: Boulder Dash XL (XBLA)

It’s possible that Boulder Dash XL’s release on Xbox Live passed by completely under your radar. With the release of Twisted Pixel’s Ms. Splosion Man and the upcoming Summer of Arcade promotion, this sequel/update of a classic 8-bit adventure didn’t take much effort to overlook. As is often the case though, the game with the least amount of hype can be the biggest surprise.

Boulder Dash XL is, in a word, superb. This arcade puzzler is simply packed full of content, and most importantly, quality content. The basic premise of the game’s two main modes is to collect all the gems/diamonds on a map and reach the exit before time runs out. The rest of the game functions in a manner similar to Dig Dug; you dig through dirt, avoid being crushed by falling boulders and, whenever possible, try to make various monsters/enemies get crushed by them instead. There are also power-ups and various other aspects that alter the game, such as speed-ups, the ability to extend your arm, teleporters, time extenders, etc. The combined result is often a race against time where you will be quickly dodging monsters and falling boulders as you attempt to reach increasingly elusive gems.

The game has several mode types as well. Arcade is the primary game mode with one hundred levels of cave-searching action. Additionally, the game offers a twenty-five level “retro” mode, which gives the game a 2D look, alters the gameplay a bit and offers a slightly more difficult challenge. There are also four “Score attack” levels and a “Puzzle” mode with twenty-five more levels where the time limit is removed and you must simply figure out how to make it through. The game also supports a “Zen” mode where you can play previous levels without a time limit. The various types allow you to hop back and forth, keeping the game fresh even after a couple of hours straight. Arcade and Retro are both tons of fun, but I found myself enjoying the puzzle mode a lot as well. Other than Zen mode, you’re going to really want to check them all out; they aren’t just cheap filler, they really add a lot to the game.

Everything else about the game simply works, although some things better than others. It has bright, colorful graphics that are admittedly a little too colorful and a little low-end, but they are acceptable. The soundtrack is nothing special, but it does capture the fun spirit of the game. The sound effects are mostly forgettable (not great, but you aren’t going to be noticing them much anyway). On the opposite side of the coin, the level design is superb. While it does border on evil at times, especially if you are determined to collect every diamond in a level, the overwhelming majority of it is light enough to not be frustrating and challenging enough to be fun. Lately, it seems many of the puzzle games I’ve played have had so many frustrating moments where the game felt cheap, so it was incredibly refreshing to play one that in no way feels like that. By no means will you fly through all the levels. Some will take numerous attempts with you trying different ways to make it through before finally finding a solution, but no level feels unachievable. Boulder Dash XL has a serious “just one more” effect that can and will keep you playing for hours at a time without making you want to throw your controller.

So if you are one of those people out there like me who weren’t familiar with the previous iterations and might have missed this gem then I recommend digging into your Microsoft points. Boulder Dash XL features some fantastic level design coupled with several different fun and engaging game modes to keep things fresh and entertaining. For only 800 points, Boulder Dash XL offers tons of gameplay and potential replay value. It isn’t often that I recommend a game at full price, but it also isn’t that often that a game surprises me so completely with how fun it is.

Final Rating: 9/10

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On: Xbox 360
Approximate Time to Completion: N/A – Haven’t completed all levels yet
Gamer Score Earned: 40/200
Price Bought at: N/A – Review copy furnished by Kalypso/Catnip
Current Price: 800 Microsoft Points ($10)
Recommend Purchase Price: Completely worth the 800 points, should be an instant buy if ever on sale.

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  • Favorite remake is Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

  • Bionic Commando Rearmed ^^
    tweeted @genxsis83

  • Hard one, going with Inglorious Bastards


  • My favorite remake/reboot was Sid Meier’s Pirates. It was first released in 1987 for the C64. The remake/reboot was released in 2004. Whether the original or the remake, it’s still one of my most favorite games.
    Twitter: @eugaet_aux
    FB: Michael Teague

  • TomaszewskiArek

    Resident Evil REmake.


    Do I need to say more? Yeah, I don’t think so!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  • Favorite remake is Short Circuit 2 Johnny 5 woo hoo <3<3<3

  • It has to be the smurs reboot!..Just look how awesome the movie looks!!..In seriousness,would have to be the batman series.

  • The recent Star Trek movie


  • While it’s not an official remake, I have to go with the Scott Pilgrim game, because it’s essentially River City Ransom. And River City Ransom is the best game ever made!

  • Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved

  • Have to go with Final Fantasy 4 its been remade a few times now with some upgrades and changes but still always an amazing game even on the 20th playthru.


  • Persona 3 on PSP for now, and the Ico Collection when it comes out.


  • downsouthtigger

    I want a remake or update to star tropics!

  • My favorite remake is Galaga legions. Really changed the game but the feeling of classic Galaga is still there

  • For me Pacman Dx was a breath of fresh air for a game I thought had seen its best days, how wrong could I be, I love how these remakes of my favourite games are coming out.
    I brought all the galagas and pacman games as they are quality.
    Retweeted, liked on facebook!!

  • My favorite remake is Beyond Good & Evil HD. A great game becomes even better with HD graphics.

  • Bionic Commando Rearmed Is my favorite video game remake of the past few years.

    Twitter: @Balls_On_Chin

  • While I am greatly looking forward to the Tomb Raider reboot, I think the Monkey Island games being remade was pretty awesome.


  • I would go with Pac-man Championship Edition DX. Guess I’m old school!


  • Jason Mackowiak

    Mine would be if Bonk’s Adventure reboot ever finally came out for Xbox Live Arcade.


  • Worms into Worms Reloaded!!

    Also Batman into Badman Arkham Asylum if it counts


  • final fantasy tactics on psp. They redid the localization and added more characters and quests.
    fb:chun lau

  • My favorite remake has got to be Resident Evil. Not only is it my favorite remake, but favorite series too!


  • My favorite remake is the latest Star Trek movie. I thought the movie cast did a wonderful job, and it was a great movie.

  • Ill go with zelda OOT for 3ds because I love having it portable


  • I’d have to say Batman Begins another reboot of the movie franchise. I like it a lot. Can’t wait for Dark Knight Rises

  • Ocarina of Time on 3DS, the best Zelda game on the go woot!


  • Remake? Remake? My favorite is Space Invader extreme. Love it! But I guess Pacman CE (DX too) takes the cup. In fact all the latest Namco Generations games are doing a nice job.

    Commented over FB too.

  • Remake? Er, Monkey Island SE. Good thing I came years after the original and so I couldn’t quite remember all the solutions to the puzzles. 😀

    Now if only Smith & Tinker would come out with the Mechwarrior remake, we’d be cooking!


  • Space Invaders!


  • Final Fantasy III on NDS


  • Robocop.. Anything Robocop is the nuts


  • While not an official remake, the Streets of Rage remake is amazing. It combined all that was good with the games and improved on it.


  • My favorite remake/rebbot would be Pac-Man CE DX, such a fun agem even my 6 year old can play 🙂
    Entered on Twitter (@agentcoop007) & on Facebook (Neil Merschbrock)
    Thanks for the contest!

  • Perfect Dark

    Twitter @fresh0288
    Facebook – Doug Klein

  • Casino Royale. It really took the campy, bigoted, not-so-good Bond films (“I thought Christmas only came once a year ahuhuhu~”), punched them in the face, and made them wear big boy pants. Daniel Craig’s Bond is how Bond always should have been.

    RT’d as @secretclean

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