iTuesday Review: Babes Vs. Robots for iPhone – Chance to win the game!

Just the name Babes Vs. Robots got my attention. I mean, this is the kind of epic battle mankind has been waiting to witness. It had to happen eventually, and it happened on the iPhone. Babes Vs. Robots begins with a pretty funny opening video (see below). The video explains that robots have invaded the earth. So I guess the robots are also aliens? I don’t know – who really cares though. For whatever reason, mankind’s only hope is the babes. The babes have all been captured, except one has escaped. You play as Red Roxy, in a mission to free the babes and save the world.

The game itself seems Angry Birds inspired. It’s actually a shame that the best way to describe the gameplay is comparing it to Angry Birds. After all, no one refers to first person shooters as “Doom-like” even though Doom did it first. The game is definitely able to stand on its own. At no point does it feel like a rip off of Angry Birds. It does have the same basic idea behind it, you destroy enemies on platforms and can take out structures. Red Roxy is too badass to use a slingshot though; she loads her ammo into a giant bazooka.

As Roxy, your goal is to take out the robots on the platforms. The robots vary in size. The larger robots will actually come after you. They move very slowly though, and are usually no trouble to take out. It makes you wonder how the babes got captured in the first place. You get a variety of weapons throughout the game that you can use in any order you please. The weapons range from the very useful (like the bomb that sticks to the surface it hits) to the almost pointless (I’m looking at you, canon ball).

One thing that I wasn’t expecting is that some surfaces can’t be taken out, even if you destroy the pillars that appear to hold it up. Even though from a physics standpoint this makes no sense, it does add an extra element to the game. You need to worry less about taking out the structure, and more about taking out the robot.

To win the game (and save the babes) you’ll need a combination of skill, patience, and (at times) luck. A number of levels need be replayed multiple times to see what works and what does not. This trial and error is part of what makes the game fun though.

The only thing that didn’t thrill me about the game is that it is short. The game is only 21 levels long, with two additional theme packs (each offering 21 more levels) available for $.99 each. While 21 levels for $.99 isn’t that bad of a deal, I felt like the levels just varied in difficulty and then ended abruptly. It didn’t culminate in one really difficult last level, or anything like that. I also wasn’t a fan of the app description, which says there are 63 levels. Unless my understanding is wrong, only 21 of those levels come with the game and the rest need to be purchased via the theme packs.

Babes Vs. Robots is available for $.99 via the App Store. Even though I would have ideally wanted more levels, $.99 is a good price for a game that will keep you entertained and challenged for a couple hours. Plus it has babes and robots in it – don’t know if I mentioned that.

Final Rating: 7.5/10

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On: iPhone 4
Approximate Time to Completion: 1-2 hours
Price Bought at: N/A Review copy provided by Pyntail
Recommend Purchase Price: $.99 is as low as it gets… unless you win it (keep reading)

Pyntail has agreed to provide one lucky winner with a free copy of Babes Vs. Robots. Here’s how you can enter to win:

First entry: In Babes Vs. Robots you play as Red Roxy. While video game characters are typically male, there are many notable females. Comment on this post and tell us what your favorite female video game character is. She doesn’t necessarily have to be a babe or the main star of the game, either.

Second entry: Follow us on twitter and send the following tweet:

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Remember that you have to follow us; any winner we attempt to DM via Twitter who isn’t, automatically forfeits their win. If you enter via Twitter include your twitter name in your post below, winners who have their twitter listed will receive their codes immediately after winning.

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