Review: Ignite (PC – Steam)

For the sake of entertainment, this review shall be read in the voice of Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson.

Ignite.  The title of this game pretty much says it all.  Produced by Nemesys Games, Ignite brings back certain nostalgia for the uncontrolled speed and recklessness lost on the more popular racing franchises, namely Need for Speed and Forza.  It is truly a game you can just sit down and play, not having to worry about complex controls and car adjustments to maximize your racing ability.  It is a feast of speed, covered in generous helpings of NOS gravy and garnished with ample amounts of drifting and destruction.  (Ok, yes I made it analogous to a thanksgiving meal.  Turkey day is almost upon us, sue me!)

The graphics and sounds are pretty impressive taking into account that this game is meant to be an arcade-like racer to begin with.  The cars themselves, while not ‘actual’ cars, closely emulate existing models, bringing a touch of reality to this otherwise fanciful game.  Track variety isn’t bad either; they range from an urban setup to parks and mining areas (though always on a pavement surface).  Top it all off with customizable sky features and a detailed backdrop and you have got yourself a visually pleasing game as you drift, draft and drive through the tracks.

Vroom, Vroom sir.

On to the technical features.  Ignite has three game modes; campaign, free race and multiplayer.  Within campaign you race to unlock new tracks, cars and varieties of each model of car.  Each of these varieties then has unique capabilities that enhance certain aspects of racing style.  This is the extent to which you ‘tune’ your car, which is perfectly fine by me for this style of game.  The races themselves employ a mixture of raw racing skill and strategy that create a unique scoring system.  Finishing first, like all racing games, is one’s primary objective.  That being said, you can still ‘win’ even if you finish in a later place by having a high enough score to reduce your time and put you in the lead.  You acquire points during a race by doing one of three things; drifting, drafting and hitting objects.  Doing these things for long periods of time or in combination with each other increases the magnitude of points.  Once you reach a thousand points, you gain access to NOS which is unlimited until your points dip below a thousand again.  You lose points by hitting walls or using NOS for too long.  As mentioned above, the points you have left at the end of the race then go towards deducting time off your race.  Thus, drifting and hitting objects is not only fun but necessary, a bonus by my standard!

Just a little "love tap."

There are some drawbacks of this game though.  For starters, if you are a serious ‘Forza-esque’ style racer and realism is your thing, this game isn’t for you.  Very, very little is realistic about this game, which whether or not this is a negative entirely depends on you.  Second, this game in its style reminds me of something like the Burnout series.  However, it lacks the excitement and rush put out by that kind of game.  Yes I said Ignite is easy and fun to play and it is, but there is nothing that keeps you playing, no feeling of “Holy sh** this is awesome, I need to keep playing!”  In other words, it is just as easy to sit down and play as it is to get up and walk away.

They see me rollin', they hatin'

This then is a game that is perfect for the casual racing gamer who misses the arcade games of old.  It doesn’t require any time commitment to get used to the style yet still yields plenty of entertainment.  At the same time, when your significant other requires attention, you won’t feel like you have to blow them off in order to keep playing.  Better yet, have them join in!  It really is that simple of a game to pick up!  In my view, Ignite is a fun little game that draws upon the raw, chaotic speed of arcade racing to deliver a punch that is well above its weight class.

Final Rating: 8/10

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On: PC/Steam
Approximate Time to Completion: Whenever your heart is content
Gamer Achievements: 6 out of 30
Price Bought at: N/A – Review copy furnished by Nemesys
Current Price: $19.99 (Direct Download via Steam)
Recommend Purchase Price: $19.99

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