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SPACE: The final frontier.  Or is it?  For all those that just about played Angry Birds to the point of admitting yourself to a rehabilitation clinic, prepare to take another fat dose of bird slinging fun.  The makers of Angry Birds have gone galactic and tossed in a bit of education on top of it.  WTF?  We’re going to subconsciously learn something while playing a game where birds try to kill pigs?

It all started about a year ago, in a response to how today’s mobile devices are more powerful than NASA’s computers were just a few years ago.  NASA spokesman Bob Jacobs, tweeted “Hey RovioMobile, our computers are a bit better than they were in ’69.  We might be able to help you launch birds if you find a pig in space” on RovioMobile’s Twitter account.  That humorous comment got the gears turning once again in the minds behind Angry Birds.  Where were those greedy pigs going to try and hide the eggs next?  A place we never expected to see these revengeful feathered bitches go, SPACE!

Scientists from NASA worked with Rovio during the last year , designing the game to actually function with relative proper physics based on gravitational pulls and how objects in space would react in the various situations that you’ll encounter while playing the game.

As with every new version and update with the Angry Bird series, the environments become more and more detailed.  SPACE is no different. You’ll enjoy seeing various items in the background, either passing by or locked in their position.  There are planets, meteors, moons, ice crystals and errr…….um…… clouds?  Well not everything is perfect in the game.  They have what appear to be darkish rain clouds and they are shaped with their flat bottoms as if they were typical rain clouds you’d find here in earth’s atmosphere.  These clouds are a bit of a FAIL.  Guess NASA didn’t get to put their 2 cents in on all aspects of this game or they surely would of crapped a Sputnik if they saw rain clouds floating freely in space.

As with all the previous Angry Bird versions, that blasted Golden Egg object that hides on certain levels, that we struggle to find and capture, has returned.   Well, why go to space only to capture a Golden Egg?   What’s one of the greatest unknowns about space and time travel?  WORM HOLES!!!  Awesome tweak to the game.  In SPACE, when you clip that blasted Golden Egg, a mysterious worm hole opens up and your bird falls inside with all his friends tagging along.

And upon exiting the worm holes, you are in a unique level where you have to figure out the puzzle in order to gain 3 stars.  Each worm hole has a different challenge on the other end of it.  And when you have had your fill, upon completion, you click the worm hole icon and you travel back through the worm hole to where you last left off.  I love it!

If you’ve ever enjoyed any of the Angry Bird series, you’ll love this version.  Even those of you that may have gotten burnt out playing, you must try this version.  They’ve tweaked a few of the birds colors, dressed some in uniforms, got rid of a few birds, and of course, introduced some new omes.  Playing with the zero-gravity as you fling your birds, and then using the gravitational pulls of the various planets to orbit around and flatten a pig on the back side of a planet… you’ll find Angry Birds SPACE is by far, the best Angry Birds yet.

Angry Birds SPACE is available on all the mobile platforms.  Whatever device you have, you can download it and rekindle your love for Angry Birds.  This time in SPACE!

As an added bonus, check out this real world NASA video demonstrating in true zero gravity how to fling your Angry Bird.  Good stuff for the youngsters.  Check it out.

Final Rating: 8/10

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On
: Android Tablet (ASUS Eee Pad Transformer) & Android Phone (DroidX)
Available On:Google Play, App Store, Amazon Appstore, Nook, Kindel
Time to completion:
Still playing.  I only advance after getting 3 stars on a level
Gamer Score Earned: N/A
Price Bought at: FREE
Current Price: FREE for Android on Google Play
Recommend Purchase Price: FREE
Why you should buy it: Don’t its free.  Go get it!  Its addicting as hell!
Why you shouldn’t buy it: Lost your fingers in the war.

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