Review: Frisbee Forever

Finally you can toss a Frisbee and actually control it during flight!

I remember all the years of looking like an idiot at the park as I toss a Frisbee to a friend, and then twisting and leaning my body in various directions as if somehow that would get the failing Frisbee to mimic my movements and go where I wanted it to. Well screw those friends that can’t run fast enough to save that failed toss! This disc is going exactly where I want it to go. Errr…. maybe its not quite that simple.

Frisbee Forever, by Kiloo Games, is a game involving you tossing a Frisbee and then trying to guide it through an obstacle coarse, into rings that give it a forward boost, collect stars along the way, and finish the round as you glide through the checkered flag-ring.

Other than playing Frisbee Football, tossing a Frisbee has always been a strangely fun and relaxing game to play when at the park or beach. This game is no different. There is nothing fast paced about it. Yet still entertaining and definitely challenging. I’m finding myself enjoying this game more than I first expected. Each round is fairly short, so having just a few minutes at a time to play works perfectly for me.  Playing just one round is like eating just one potato chip.  I keep telling myself, “just one more, then I’ll stop.”

There are 12 Frisbee parks (worlds) and 1 Bonus park. Each park having 10 courses. To move onto the next park, you must earn enough stars to unlock it. These stars are collected as you fly through the courses. The collection of stars serve 3 purposes in this game. They are collected to purchase and unlock items in the store, such as other cool looking Frisbees. The quantity you collect on each round determines if you receive a bronze, silver or gold medal upon completion of that round. The third and most important purpose of the stars are to help guide you through the proper flight pattern to be successful on a course.

There are two ways of playing this game, which you select in the options screen. You guide your Frisbee by tilting your device side to side or you can choose touch screen “button” control. I’ve been playing this on my tablet due to the larger screen and been having a blast. Then I tried it on my DroidX phone and found its actually easier to play. Not sure why. I think its just my hand-eye coordination is better when my hands are closer together instead of spread apart like they are when I grasp my tablet. Or at least that’s my conclusion to make me feel less stupid.

One thing to be aware of for those that pay for the quantity of data usage and do not have an “unlimited data” plan, you will want to use a Wi-Fi connection to download this game. Its a little over 41Mb. And when you go to download it, they even give you a pop-up warning that they encourage you to use Wi-Fi due to the file size. Some people might even have a limit to the file size their service provider allows in a single download, so you might not be able to download it via a data plan regardless. Point being, just turn on your Wi-Fi when you go to download this game.

Now go damn it! Download this game to your device and enjoy a nice day at the virtual park tossing the Frisbee around. And nobody is going to laugh at you this time as you lean from side to side, guiding your Frisbee to it’s destination.

Final Rating: 7/10

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On:
Android Tablet (ASUS Eee Pad Transformer) & Android Phone (DroidX)
Available On:
Google Play and  iOS App Store
Time to completion:
Still playing it, trying to unlock everything.
Gamer Score Earned:
Still working on getting pure gold medals
Price Bought at:
Current Price:
FREE on Google Play and iTunes
Recommend Purchase Price:
Why you should download it:
Make up for all those years of failed Frisbee tosses 
Why you shouldn’t download it:  
Frisbees remind you of your dead childhood dog Rover

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