Review: Cannon Cat – More Fun than a Flaming Gerbil!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a PUSSY! A pussy cat that is. In a world where fish can fly, Meo, nicknamed “Cannon Cat,” has set forth on a mission to free the captured Skyfish and ensure the freedom of all flying creatures.

Cannon Cat, by Loqheart, is an iOS only game where a flightless bird named Evil Emu, out of jealousy has captured all the flying fish, known as “Skyfish,” trapping them in bubbles. Evil Emu, with the help of his army of flightless birds and evil robots attempt to give the skies back to birds and birds alone. Only way to free these encapsulated Skyfish is from the sheer force of Meo blasting paws first through the bubbles they are trapped within. MEOW!

Currently there are only 2 zones (worlds) available, with the next one called “Stratos” coming soon. With each of these zones packed full of levels, it will definitely keep you entertained for hours on end. You can race through and pass a level in about a minute. Which is great for players with limited time to play games like myself. But passing each level purrfectly, involves freeing all of the Skyfish within that level. And this takes much longer as you must be patient and calculate every launch out of the cannons. Obviously increasing in difficulty as you progress to harder levels.

Meo is launched from floating cannon to floating cannon, as he makes his way through the obstacle courses, popping and freeing the Skyfish while in flight. All you, the player, must do is time it purrfectly and tap your screen to launch the furrball out of each cannon. Sounds easy enough. But as you will see as you palm yourself in the forehead over and over with frustration, many of these levels can be quite tricky.

Timing is everything in this game. Launch the cat too soon or late and you’ve killed Fluffy. Kitty death is often the result of electrocution or overshooting the target, as you watch the cat go screaming to his death. Lucky for you this cat has more than 9 lives.

To make things easier through some of the courses that just seem to relentlessly kick your ass, there are special “power up” type objects you can activate. There is the Cannon Time which puts all the moving obstacles into slow motion. Big Boost which is good when you have to fire Meo in an arching pattern as it increases the overall size of the Skyfish bubbles, making them easier to hit. Auto-Save comes in handy to have you start back at the last cannon you were on before you died, instead of returning to the beginning of that level. And then the most useful one for me; the Shield. This allows you to blast straight through one of those damn flightless birds trying to block you from your next cannon.

For those of you with an iPad or iPhone, I highly recommend this game. Anyone can play it, its totally kid-safe, and you’ll find it to be a bit addictive. It’s good, simple fun. Worthy of being added to your device.

Did I mention it’s FREE!?!?!

Final Rating: 7/10

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On: 
iOS (iPad 2)
Available On: 
iOS App Store
Time to completion:
6+ hours (next zone coming soon)
Price Bought at: 
Current Price: 
Recommend Purchase Price: 
FREE (worthy of paying for though)
Why you should download it:
Because you love PUSSY… cats.
Why you shouldn’t download it:  
Because seeing a cannon blast reminds you of the that time you and Andrew “Kiki” Farnum were playing ARMAGEDDON!

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