XBLIG Uprising Preview: Call Center Shenanigans! Prepare for Smooth Operators.

It’s time for an uprising of the gaming variety!  Indie game fans and developers rejoice, for now is your time to RISE!  Can you hear the chanting?  Can you hear the cries?  Can you hear the Batman?  I’m kidding about that part… or am I?

We here at CBR have set out to provide you with exclusive coverage of the XBLIG uprising.  From previews, to reviews, to fresh made cookies — I’m kidding, I’m terrible at baking — we’ll have everything you want from this year’s event.

With a title like “Smooth Operators” you think snazzy, relaxing jazz.  Maybe there’s a sultry singer, maybe there’s a smoky lounge with fancy cocktails as a saxophone oozes out a melody in the background.

Game developer Andreas Heydeck has a different idea.

Wildly different.

“Smooth Operators” is all about the glamorous world of call centers.  Yep.  You read that right.  Call centers.  There’s not a person in the world who hasn’t experienced the most marvelous(?) of man’s creations, whether it be from working in one or having to call and listen to not so catchy hold music.  “Smooth Operators” puts you in this world, but not as a miserable wage slave.  Not only are you in charge, but you get to build your call center from the ground up.  Develop trustworthy relationships with clients, balance your finances, and make your call center work smoothly through the power of micro management.  It’ll take hard work, sweat, tears, and several cups of coffee to win the day in “Smooth Operators.”


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