Trailerocolypse: the Indie Games Uprising III collection

With the Indie Games Uprising III fast approaching, starting September 10th – September 20th, we thought we would stop and take a moment to put all the game’s trailers together in one, convenient location.  Check out the event’s launch trailer as well as the trailer for each of the 9 indie games below and share with your friends!

Launch Trailer:


Diehard Dungeon


Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos




City Tuesday


And as a bonus, make sure you check out our interview with Dave Voyles and Michael Hicks, coordinators of the Indie Game Uprising III:

Stay up to date on all of our coverage of the Indie Game Uprising III by bookmarking the following page: CLICK HERE.  CBR will be providing previews, developer profiles, interviews and of course reviews for every game involved in the Uprising. And, as always, support indie developers!

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