Arena Of Valor Beta Test First Impressions

Arena of Valor Beta Test first impressions


This past week was the launch of the Arena of Valor beta test on switch. Now this is a big deal for two reasons, one, Switches first MOBA is here! Second, the game is an extremely popular game over in China, boasting over 200 million monthly players, Arena of Valor is even bigger than League of Legends and DOTA. You can tell with Arena of Valor beta test, they are trying to grab the attention of the western market too by bringing a very streamlined and portable MOBA to switch.

Now just to start off I’m no League of Legends expert. I put my time into the game but I stopped playing about a year ago and I’ve tried other mobile mobas yet I haven’t really found a MOBA that stuck better than League of Legends. Arena of Valor controls and moves almost identically to League of Legends and the interface is basically the same because the company that owns Arena Valor is the parent company of the League of Legends. Yes you read that right, Tencent owns Riot games. So they got to kind of use the assets over again. What makes it stand out and what makes it really work I believe is that the game is shorter and more Dynamic. they’re not 30-minute to an hour drawn-out matches, they are five to ten minute matches that seem almost bite-sized, which is perfect on the switch.

The cast of characters is unique and they all seem very fun I played around with a couple of characters and I really found myself loving the tanks, like Ormarr. There are a lot of ways to play, from tankie to devastating ranged to a classic gank stealth expert yet the controls stay simple and work really well on a controller. playing with a pro controller was intuitive and enjoyable.

Now my beta test wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows I won most of my matches but after my initial three normal matches I had a login error and I had to relog in and go through the tutorial And have to relevel up again. “ahh it’s a beta” you say but the good news is their official Twitter said there was problems and they were working on it. Which shows to me at least they will be very attentive to this game and it’s fans. I didn’t have any problems other than that one early hiccup though. The game runs smooth and looks pretty good for a MOBA in handheld and docked. I can’t wait to have the full game and squad up with a couple of friends in real life, all of us playing on different switches. The online matchmaking was really fast and squading up with friends seems easy.

If you have been itching for a moba fix on switch, here it is folks. The good news is, it’s a lot of fun and perfect for on the go. If you are not a fan of mobas give this one a try when it releases free on switch, later this summer.

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