Top 5 Switch Games for Under $5


So, you’re broke. Like, broke broke. But, you’re itching for a new game and have no more to trade in. You got $10 to get you two weeks to the next paycheck but you need a new game. You somehow talk yourself into one game as long as it is less then $5. $5 dollars will feed you for a week, right? This list is for you, you glorious broke bastard.


  1.  Mom Hide My Game

Single-handedly the best named game on this list. Mom Hide My Game is a small, wacky and funny puzzle game with 50+ levels where your mom has taken your 3DS as punishment and you’ve got to find it. It starts off simple, under a couch or behind a curtain. By level five it jumps dramatically and you have to get your game out of a crocodile’s mouth with a wooden stick, to level 34 where you beat some people in a race and then use the winning platform to get your game. The whole time I just kept thinking: “Damn, Mom’s getting pretty serious”. It’s not a very long game, I beat it in about an hour but I actually laughed out loud at a few of these puzzles and solutions. If you are a fan of WarioWare type games with fast and fun problem-solving, this is a great value.


  1. ASTRO Bears Party

The best couch co-op game you can get for $5. It’s not a very complicated game, it’s basically snake in a 3D space but with your friends. The bears are cute and the action can get intense. You and three buddies will be screaming and yelling as your bears leap over the trails you’ve left behind. It’s a great game for younger players but I had a group of adults yelling at each other over which bear they wanted to be and it got heated.


  1. One Strike

One Strike, for me, is one of the best fighting games on the Switch. Anyone can pick it up because it is basically Rock-Paper-Scissors but with feudal Japan style weapons. You choose from six fighters, all with unique weapons and varied control. The battles are fast and fierce. Like the name suggests, you get stuck even once and the fight is over in a geyser of blood, This leads to some high pressure fights. With six fighters, it can lose its steam after a little bit of play but the devs have promised that they will add new fighters with free patches in the future. My favorite part of the game is the giant Tarantino blood spurts every time you get your one Strike in, they are glorious.


  1. Earth Wars

The best deal on the console and on this list is Earth Wars. At a startlingly low price of 4:50, Earth Wars boasts a lot of content, I put in 18 hours myself, having just beat the story. I like to describe the game as 2D Monster Hunter, which means two things, gear formed from the blood of your enemies and griiiiiiinding. Now if you love the structure of Monster Hunter, Earth Wars is a no-brainer, tons of content at a price that is significantly lower then the same game on steam. Yes you read that right, on Steam this game is known as “Earth Dawn” and is the same exact game but $30. How did this happen? The actual devs put out Earth Wars on Switch and a publisher put out Earth Dawn on Steam. Now if I had paid $30 for it, I would be less excited about Earth Wars, but at $4.50, it’s a simple choice.


  1. Kamiko

Kamiko is on the top of this list because it’s the game I believe the most people reading this will enjoy the most. Kamiko is a love letter to A Link to the Past but with plenty of modern updates to make this simply a fantastic gaming experience. With colorful puzzles and environments, the game charms you through your many playthroughs. It’s short, but there is tons of replay value. If you’re a Legend of Zelda head, this is the game for you, no matter the price. Makes the game all the better for the price.



Now for some quick honorable mentions:  

Slayaway Camp:
A puzzle game with a killer edge, but a questionable buy because you can get all the good levels on mobile for free.

Timberman Vs:
Cheapest game on this list, with one simple concept, chopping down trees. Surprisingly addictive. Tons and tons of unlockables!

Ambition of the Slimes , but this is a very hard game, even for people who are huge SRPG fans, like me.

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  • After reading reviews, I’m still not sure all these games are worth $5. Erth wars is top, no questions. But Astro Bears and Mom Hide My Game lacks credibility.

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