5 Things Pokemon Go Can Do To Keep It Interesting

Over the last few months, Pokemon Go has making a huge comeback with the releases of community days, legendary raid days, field researches and breakthrough boxes. Though these have been amazing and can offer a lot of playability for Pokemon Go fans, I have some suggestions to continue the growth of Pokemon Go.


Integrate Messaging and Socializing in Friend System

In July, Pokemon released the friends system, which allows you to give gifts to friends and trade. While those are nice, the next logical step to the friend system is to add messaging or some sort of way to communicate with your friends in Pokemon Go. One of the biggest parts of Pokemon Go is the fact that they really want friends to work together as a community, and there is no more logical way to continue to the growth of the community than being able to communicate with your friends in the game.



Niantic has announced that (hopefully) by the end of 2018 there will be PvP in Pokemon Go. That is something that fans have been wanting to do since the games creation. While that was one of the biggest things that excited fans when Pokemon Go was announced, it’s taken over 2 years to start making any real headway in the process of releasing it into the public. Understandably, there are a lot of questions on how they will unveil the product in game with many people being on different levels. I don’t have any answers to how to work around the differences, but obviously they are working hard on figuring the this problem out.


More Mythical Quest

With the recent release of the Celebi quest in Pokemon Go, there is another mythical quest to achieve. But what is going to happen when most people complete this quest? When Niantic released the Mew quest, the community went crazy for the chance to finally catch the mythical Pokemon. Slowly offering other mythical Pokemon quest for fans to continually strive for is just going to continue to hook in.


The Ability to Unlock Mega Forms at level 40

This one is going to be out of the box thinking, but I think it will offer fans of the game that have already maxed out their levels something to do. Unlike other people, I do not think they should raise the max level in the game, but there should be a way to reward players who have completed the game. With the upcoming release (hopefully) of gen 4 in Pokemon Go, we are inching closer to the release of Mega forms. I think offering the incentive of the ability to unlock Mega forms when you reach level 40 will not only add motivation for people to continue playing the game to reach level 40, but continue to play afterwards.


Regional Community Day

In 2017, Pokemon Go released the regional Pokemon Farfetch’d across the globe for one day only. After that, no other regional Pokemon have been released besides at Pokemon Go events. While that adds incentive for people to go to these events, not everyone has the ability to travel to these events. That’s where a Regional Community day, or weekend comes in. By offering players the chance to catch regional Pokemon for a weekend, there will be a flood of players playing the game, guaranteed.

*Thanks to the Pokemon Go community unlocking special surprise, we now know that we will getting the chance to catch Gen 1 regional Pokemon in 7 km eggs, starting September 13-20th.


What do you guys think of my ideas? For more Pokemon Go news, stay tuned to Galaxy of Geek @galaxyofgeek or follow me on Twitter @BobbyBSmitty

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