October in Pokemon Go! Halloween Event Speculation! Gen 4?!

Events Galore for Pokemon Go in October! We already had two events, and likely have a huge Halloween special that will undoubtedly be big like previous years. So let’s get into what’s going on in Pokemon Go!


Psychic Spectacular

This event is still live as of the posting of this article, but from October 5 thru the 14th, Pokemon Go is having a psychic event. Like most events, we are getting a new shiny, which come in the form of Drowzee, a Pokemon that initially was OK in the meta, but has lost popularity and has frankly become a Pokemon that most people don’t catch anymore. But that will change with this sweet looking shiny! Also, we have some new field researches that are psychic themed for this event. The best thing about this event is the increase spawns of rarer Pokemon such as Ralts, Abra and Baltoy. I’m personally up to over 600 Abra candy due to this event.


Special Pikachu (Hiroshi Fujiwara Designs)

This was only available for 2 days, from midday on the 5th to midday on the 7th. As such this is going to be one of the rarest Pokemon in the game, especially if you got a shiny version of it. To promote the new avatar designs from Hiroshi Fujiwara, they released a Pikachu with Hiroshi’s design on his hat. Hopefully you were lucky enough to get one. I got a 96% one, but unfortunately no shiny.


Upcoming Halloween Event Speculation

Now this is purely speculation at this point, since there has not been an official announcement, but the previous 2 years, Pokemon Go has had an amazing Halloween event, and I don’t think this year will be any different. So here is my list of what can happen for this years Halloween event…

  • 2x candies, just based off last years and having some continuity.
  • First batch of GEN 4! Yes, I said it. Similar to last year, were they released the first wave of Gen 3, I think since we have evolutions of Pokemon in Gen 4 that are already out such as Mismagius (from Misdreavus), Honchkrow (from Murkrow), Weavile (from Sneasel), and possibly Gallade (from Kirlia) will be released.
  • New Shiny Pokemon, Gastly (Hunter and Gengar) because Pokemon Go continue to release the shiny variants of Pokemon at an alarming rate and having one of the most popular Pokemon in the Gastly evolution line would be smart on their side.

Other things like a new raid boss, since Mewtwo’s time will be ending during the Halloween event, I don’t think will be tied into the Halloween event, but never say never.

Field Research for October

Another month of Field Researches, which means new breakthrough reward and a few new tasks, so lets dive right into it. Suicune is now available, being the last of the legendary hounds to be released in the breakthrough. Suicune, who is the weakest of the three hounds in Pokemon Go, isn’t Meta relevant, but still pretty cool to get (especially if you are like a chunk of fans who missed out on him when he was in raids). Like in previous months, we are also getting some new themed tasks, and a new shiny Pokemon, which is Krabby. Not the best Pokemon, but it’s still a shiny!

Here is a chart for you to check out to see what are the tasks, and what CP’s you need to get the best or worst out of these tasks.

Beldum Community Day

October 21st, which is a Sunday at 11-2 pm PDT (GMT -7), we will be having another great community day, which stars the metal/psychic Pokemon Beldum and his evolution line. We will be getting a weird bonus, which is 1/4 egg hatch distance (which I think most people would have preferred stardust, EP, or even double candies), but this will be useful nonetheless. The shiny version of Beldum will also be out, and to be honest, shiny Metagross (the final stage of Beldum) is one of the best looking shiny Pokemon ever!

With that being said, Pokemon Go has not released the special move that will happen when you evolve your Beldum up to Metagross, but the likely move will be Meteor Mash. Which is a special move only for Metagross in the handheld games. So good luck on the shiny search!

What do you guys think of my ideas? For more Pokemon Go news, stay tuned to Galaxy of Geek @GalaxyofGeek or follow me on Twitter @BobbyBSmitty

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