Gen 4 is Now Available in Pokemon Go!

After speculation and assumptions after a forced update came to Android yesterday, it is now official that Gen 4 is now available in Pokemon Go. That means Pokemon from the Sinnoh will be out in the wild for the first time!

This release is much like a lot of recent events coming from Pokemon Go, out of nowhere. Niantic seems to want to strike while the iron is hot after the recent resurgence of players coming back to the game, and this release is another unexpected release, coming on a random Tuesday in October. I’m not complaining, but this means there may be even more news coming soon for the Halloween.

To note though, this is not a full release of Gen 4. Pokemon such as Rhydon, Electrabuzz, Magmar do not have their Gen 4 evolution in the game, yet. Pokemon Go announced that Gen 4 will be released in waves, much like the previous generations.

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