Sword Art Online: Alicization Ep. 1 & 2 Reviews

Sword Art Online has dove into it’s 3rd season of the official main series with it’s biggest and most ambitious story arc’s in Alicization. So much is going to happen, and if the first 2 episodes are any clue to what this season has in store, we are on a long road of mystery and suspense. So let’s dive into each episode, starting with episode 1.

Episode 1: Underworld

The first episode starts off very uniquely with us diving into a new world. I should also mention the first episode is basically a 2 part episode, or double episode, since it was double the typical episode of SAO. That was done for a reason. There is going to be so much story in this season that just to scratch the surface of the story, we needed this episode to be long.

Kirito is in a new game, which turns out to be a VR game called Underworld. He is working for RATH, working on the STL (Soul Translator). We are introduced to 2 new characters, Eugeo and Alice, who are around the same age as Kirito in Underworld. Alice ends up getting in a little trouble when she breaks a rule of the land and is taken away by the Integrity Knights, who will be very important in this series. After Alice is taken away, Kirito is logged out of the game.

Afterwords, he meets up with the normal SAO crew in GGO (Gun Gale Online), where he is visibly tired but plays anyways. Afterwards, he goes out with Sinon and Asuna, where is explains his job in more detail. There is a lot of explanation in this episode, but it is very necessary. While talking to Sinon and Asuna, you understand more about Kirito’s job, and his want to go to America at some point and understand VR technology more.

After meeting with Sinon, Asuna and Kirito head home. Kirito and Asuna’s relationship seems to be back on track compared to GGO, where Kirito was more of a harem male lead between Sinon and Asuna. Currently in Alicization, Kirito needs Asuna and truly in love with her. He asks her to go to America with him and they kiss. After the kiss, they are targeted by Johnny Blood from Laughing Coffin from SAO, and he’s holding an injection needle (like he uses in his game). Kirito pushes Asuna back, trying to protect her and uses his umbrella to do so but gets stabbed with the injection.

The episode is a long journey, with 2 different stories, both are very important for Alicization. With that said, some casual fans may not like the length of the episode, but it works for setting up the story. Seeing Kirito come back to his original story arc mode was refreshing, and enjoyable. Also, the new world, Underworld, has a lot of intrigue, and looks amazing. I would highly recommend this episode!

Episode 2: The Demon Tree

The second episode starts off in a slightly odd place, considering Kirito was stabbed by Johnny Black from Laughing Coffin. Kirito is in Underworld, 7 years later from his initial journey. This whole episode takes place in Underworld, and again leaves a lot of teases for the season.

He runs into Eugeo, who is sitting at a tree, soon to be known as the Demon Tree. Eugeo, is a 7th generation Cutter, who’s sole job is to continue to wack at the Demon Tree, which has barely a dent into it. We travel into Eugeo’s town, where we find out some interesting information. It seems that Kirito has his sword skills from previous games, which leads to only more questions about what is going on in this VR game. While in the town, Kirito sleeps in a church where Eugeo’s sister is staying at (it’s not clear if she will play a role in this story). Kirito, who is staying there just is thinking about why he has a memory of the outside world, why he remembers Alice’s name, and how to get to Central City; which seems to be where all everything goes down.

The episode was quite unique, with them not telling us what happened to Kirito in the real world. Also, setting up the rest of the series, especially with the blue haired lady at the end of the episode in Central City (who is she?). This episode again makes you interested in this journey with Kirito. The writing and cliffhangers are superbly done, and character development is going great. I think this season will be by far the most complete journey for Kirito and Sword Art Online the show, based off the first few episodes.


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