Gamer Deals – $1 Sonic Games?!

Humble Bundle has an amazing deal going on with Sonic games. If you aren’t aware of what Humble Bundle is, it’s a digital goods supplier of sorts that can donate amounts to get certain awards. There are many games and software bundles going on right now, but for gamers, this Sonic bundle is definitely worth checking out!

For $1 you can get 5 games, plus a DLC, which has a lot of amazing games and more than worth it for the $1.

For the average donation, which is around $7.25 at the time of this article, you can get an additional 4 games on top of the 5 games previously. Again, this deal is amazing!

The last bundle adds 2 more games, which are the 2 newest Sonic games in Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. With all the games you receive, it’s more than worth the price tag for this Sonic Bundle. But this deal is only for Steam, unlike some other Humble Bundles that are available for different platforms. And remember, you can give to certain charities when you do these bundles, while getting some great games!

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