Donut County Review

Donut County Review

I’m a Donut kid. My Mom always makes jokes that when I was small and other babies would recognize the Golden Arches, I was in the back seat yellin “Dddunkin Donuts” as we passed that orange and brown New England stable. So naturally when I heard people raving about this great game about Donuts coming to Switch, I had to jump on it. Now after completing it, I’m a little disappointed by the lack of Donuts, they are mostly just used as a plot device but nothing else in Donut County disappoints.

Now how to explain the plot of Donut County. Well I will keep it simple, a Racoon is using an app to utilize holes that grow bigger every time something goes down it and it of course gets really out of hand. The plot and design of this game is wacky but fun and satisfying. You control the hole as you try to figure out what will fit inside next and make it bigger so you can make even more destruction. It is simple enough and leads to not only great puzzle moments but also some really satisfying chaos.

The story starts with everyone in town, who are all super cute animals, sitting around a fire telling stories of how a mysterious hole came and sucked up all their belongings and themselves. They all blame our titular Racoon, BK, who of course tries to pass the blame around or completely denies doing anything wrong. It’s actually a really well structured plot, telling stories of how they came to be sitting so far down into the earth, and once that is all caught up, all the towns folk coming together to figure out a way out. The gameplay is really satisfying but I found myself belly laughing at the story bits, I needed to hear how this already off the rails plot would unravel and unravel it does.

Donut County is a puzzle game at heart, even if you just spend most of the game destroying the county. The devastation your hole brings to poor Donut County is both well executed but also just relaxing in a weird way. There is never a timer and the music is so damn good, you don’t mind spending time finding out what fits in your hole next. The environment reacts to everything being destroyed but there is no real consequences to your actions gameplay wise. No rush means no stress and makes this a perfect way to spend an afternoon, just sucking whole skyscrapers into your hole.

I sat down beat this game in two sittings. It’s not particularly long and that could be my only (other) flaw with the game, I wanted more! It was so damn satisfying and fun, that when it came to the end of the plot, which it ends with such a good Boss fight, I was like “wait nooooooo!” I wanted more and after playing a bit of Donut County you will too. I just wish there was a new game plus, or I would pay $5 more for dlc levels or something. Heck give me Donut County Two, I would even pay double the very reasonable $12 price tag this game has.

Other then the lack of Donuts and me wanting even more out of the game, Donut County is a great game. At $12 it is a excellent price for such a great gaming experience. It has a wonderfully light story with wicked funny dialog and well designed characters. This is game for all ages that won’t disappoint. Do your switch a favor and play this game

9 out of 10 Donuts

GOG breakdown:

Console: Nintendo Switch

Price: $12 (I used a gift card I got for Christmas, so it was $0 for me)

Gametime: 2 hours and five minutes

Donuts Eaten while playing: 2

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