NEW Nintendo Selects on 3DS

Starting February 4th, Nintendo will be releasing some new Nintendo Select titles. If you are not familiar with Nintendo Selects, Nintendo re-releases select popular first party titles for a lower price, and in this case, $20. Nintendo is releasing 3 big Nintendo 3DS titles that I suggest you get, if you don’t own them and enjoy the 3DS.

Legend of Zelda – Majora’s Mask

A remake of the Nintendo 64 classic, this brings the adventure to handheld for the first time with some updates to include the touch screen that the 3DS has.

Super Mario Maker 3D

A port from the Wii U title, this gives you a chance to play level maker in some of Mario’s popular titles. This is a popular title for kids and creationist who love Mario titles.

Star Fox 64 3D

Another port from the Nintendo 64, this is probably the most popular of the Star Fox titles. Join Fox as he brings you on this aerial journey as they battle the evil forces of Andross.

These are some great additions to the Nintendo Selects catalog, especially if you do not already own these games, all of them are worth a purchase if you own a 3DS.

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