The Way Remastered Review (Nintendo Switch)

How far would you go to save your loved one? That’s the premise of this video game. You follow the main character after his loved one dies, and he tries to bring her back to life by exploring the universe and getting what he needs to bring her back.

One of the big wins for this game is something that isn’t common, adding a full puzzle game into an action platformer. You are constantly trying to figure out how to get to your destination. The puzzle elements of the game can be frustrating at times, but that’s only because they don’t make it easy for you. The only real complaint is your platforming ability throughout the game. Some of the controls seems to be off and not as persist as they should, especially with the gun.

One of the disappointing things in this game isn’t a huge flaw, but a missed opportunity in the fact there is no cut scenes to allow you to feel more connected to the main characters journey. It’s definitely not necessary but I feel like it would have made you more connected to his story.

This game graphics may appear from first sight as a basic pixel art but the worlds and setting in this game make the art surprisingly beautiful and well done. They use bright colors on their alien planet that makes it feel like you are in a very beautiful world and you feel ready to explore these worlds. Other places you visit are also done well, like when you are underground, it’s very dark and metallic bringing you into being in a underground warehouse, exploring for what you need.

I do have to address the fact that when this game was originally released on the Switch, there was some big bugs in the game, but from what I seen from my gameplay, there are no visible bugs after patches bring released after the inital launch.

Final Verdict: It’s not just another pixel art game that seems to be released on the Switch way too much, it’s got something there. It just seems to misses the mark more often than I’d like.

7 out of 10

GoG Break Down: An interesting puzzle platformer that does both decently, but not exceptional. It’s definitely a decent game with a touching story.

System: Nintendo Switch
Price Paid: Free (review copy), costs $10.00 on eShop
Hours played: 5+ hours

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