Arcade1up News: $200 Counter Cades and $500 Golden Tee?!

Thanks to Gamestop, we now know the official prices for the latest Arcade1up releases and a release dates. The release dates for both Countercades and Golden Tee will be releasing on Cinco de Mayo (or May 5th).

Countercades are something I was looking forward to. It’s a smaller version of a bartop arcade and features a 7″ screen and 2 games per countercade and will cost $200. I do think it’s a little bit high, considering the full size Arcade1up go for between $200-300 themselves.

Now the Golden Tee bundle may be a bit controversial. Arcade1up already said that this would be more expensive, but at $500, that seems quite a bit high.

What do you think of the Arcade1up prices? Let us know on Twitter @GalaxyofGeek or follow me @BobbyBSmitty for more news.

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