Cat QUEST: Review (SWITCH)

Cat Quest Review

With Cat Quest 2 coming soon, I thought it was time to give the original a look. This might be your favorite indie game on the platform. It’s not that this game is exceptionally well made or written with great prose, it’s that Cat Quest is full of great puns and some really fun nostalgia-driven gameplay.


If you’re not a cat person, this game is not for you. If you find no joy in their triangle ears, well this game will not be your cup of tea. Now that the non-cat people have left, the superior beings can talk. Loving cats makes you a better person and having a cat love you is the greatest of human achievements. Cat Quest is a game for the loyal, every little thing on the map is some reference to them. It’s nonstop and if you’re not prepared, you might find this game kinda cheesy. Still, among cat-related content, you could do worse.

Combat is very Diablo-like. You have your main attack, a dodge roll and the remaining buttons are spells you’ve unlocked throughout your journey. The over world you explore will remind you of Game Boy era Legend of Zelda games but the caves and dungeons you enter feel very Diablo, as each one is just a monster locker, no puzzles. The puzzles are saved for quests as you unlock more of the world.

Cat Quest’s many… well… quests is the reason I kept playing and playing this game. The over world has cute, little towns to visit and each town has a contains its own things to do, some quests and towns having connecting and intertwining storylines. The adventure brought me back to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which is still my favorite Switch game. So, for Cat Quest to even invoke that is great. The upgrades you receive are fun and change things up for the best. Flying around with wings by the end is absolutely amazing.


Jokes and elitism aside, it’s not a perfect game, not even for the biggest cat lover. For some, the combat may get pretty repetitive, and although it’s short, you’ll have grown tired of the best combos in the game by the end. The game also cries out for co-op multiplayer. Thank God they’re adding that in for the sequel. Puns are also an acquired taste. They do make fun of themselves for writing it like this, so at least they are self-aware.

The Zelda and Diablo vibes are enough for any gamer but add the over abundance of feline love and this game is a joy to play. I really enjoyed my time with it and by the time it ended, I was legitimately hyped for Cat Quest 2. It’s not the longest game but for its price, it’s a good use of your time. I can’t wait to talk about the sequel when it drops!


Galaxy of Geek Breakdown:

Score: 8 out of 10 Cat Wizards 

Time played: 6-8 hours (8-10 to 100% the game)

Price: $12.99 (I got it for 15% off on sale)

Most enjoyable part: Flying around as a Dragon Cat

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