Mario Maker Mondays: The beginning…

Hello, and welcome back to Galaxy of Geek! I am your humble host Cade from Cade’s Arcade! (probably should work on a better intro).

I’m gonna be starting a new weekly series on Galaxy of Geek called Mario Maker Mondays! It’s where I play Mario Maker… every Monday! Simple, right?

Well to tell you the truth… I actually started these videos a few weeks ago (oops), and it took me a minute to get to writing these articles, but now it’s time!

In the first Mario Maker Monday, I make an honest attempt at beating a level made by Andre from GameXplain. Here are the results of my extensive research….

In the second Mario Maker Monday, I have some fun in Endless Challenge. Is Endless Challenge really endless? Let’s find out! (spoilers, we don’t find out).

In the third Mario Maker Monday, I make some progress with Story Mode. Let’s help rebuild Peaches’ castle!

In the fourth Mario Maker Monday, you guess it… more Story Mode! Let’s see if I can finish the castle this time!

In the fifth Mario Maker Monday, I continue my Story Mode journey and rectify some failures!

Well, that’ll be just about all I have for you today! As always, keep it right here on Galaxy of Geek, and don’t forget to check out Cade’s Arcade for more reviews and videos on all things video game-related. Take care, and I will see you next time!

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