The Internet’s response to the Wii U announcement (in pictures)

The Internet is not just for porn, no my friends, it is also a source of funny photos of cats.  Sometimes though some other stuff gets posted too, such as some humorous reactions to a new console by Nintendo.  We’ve decided to put together a collection of images expressing the various opinions and reactions to the Wii U (there are […]

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In Depth: Death of the Arcade

Any gamer in their mid twenties or older remembers a time when much of your gaming was done in poorly lit rooms full of giant boxes that you would pump quarters into for a few moments of gaming excellence at a time.  These typically female free, and sometimes hygiene free zones may not have always been the nicest looking, but […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Special: Top 10 Games To Drink To

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day we thought we would put together a list of games that are either incredibly fun to play while drinking or turn into an outright drinking game.  We’ve numbered this list, because that’s what you do with list, plus we know we won’t be able to count to ten by the end of the day […]

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