Film Review: Disconnect (2012) – “Crash” for the Facebook Generation

There is no denying that we live in an age where more than ever we are actively pulled out of our real lives and into an alternate one, a digital life. We increasingly live lives where we barely interact with people in person for days yet have an active social life in the ever-increasing digital playground available to us through […]

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Film Review: Eddie The Sleepwalking Cannibal – Dreams do come true

Creating anything can be difficult, but for the painter Lars (Thure Lindhart), creating his masterpiece, his Mona Lisa, has taken him nearly ten years of blank canvases and frustration. Giving up hope that he can repeat his previous success, he leaves Denmark and settles on a teaching job for a struggling art school in a small snowy town in Canada. […]

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Does It Hold Up: The Blair Witch Project

Quite often, movies, books, music, television shows, and other pieces of pop culture serve as a reflection of the time when they were made. Sometimes they are very much rooted in that time, and no longer feel relevant in the decades that follow. Occasionally, though, they maintain every ounce of the power they were infused with when they were first […]

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