iTuesday Review: Bloodshed Ninja

A collaboration between Catnip Games and Aruba Studios comes Bloodshed Ninja,an automatic side scrolling slasher set in the early years of Japan. Two game modes are available, Default; where you fight through the levels, and endless slaughter; where the backgrounds cycle until you die a warrior’s death. I feel that the four levels and the two game modes are substantial […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Special: Top 10 Games To Drink To

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day we thought we would put together a list of games that are either incredibly fun to play while drinking or turn into an outright drinking game.  We’ve numbered this list, because that’s what you do with list, plus we know we won’t be able to count to ten by the end of the day […]

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iTuesday Review: Plants Vs. Zombies

Hello, and welcome to the first iTuesday, a recurring segment where we will be looking at games for the iPhone and iPad. This week we take a look at PopCap’s Plants VS. Zombies. Plants Vs. Zombies is a strategy game where you protect your home (and your brains) from a zombie attack using a range of different plants all with different […]

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