Review: Alpha – Dogs, an origin story

Alpha (2018)

Alpha is a fictionalized telling of how early man first domesticated wolves (or how wolves became man’s best friend). Set 20,000 years ago the story follows the son of a tribe’s chief, named Keda, as he joins the men of the tribe for his first bison hunt. Keda soon finds himself injured and separated from the tribe. Far from home and with no help in sight, he finds an unlikely companion in the form of an injured wolf. Together the two embark on the long journey to return home and form a relationship that would forever change man and canine forever.

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Backlog Quest: Day 8 – Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D – Let’s get ready to snore!

Dear Journal, Today I was a T-Rex fighting a Stegosaurs and was honestly, genuinely bored. It quickly seems like most of the titles coming through the pipeline in this quest to rid my backlog of… well my backlog are just taking mediocre to a whole new level.  Maybe, somewhere in my subconscious I knew this and this is part of […]

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Review: Cuboid – 3D Puzzle Fun!

Ready to see how much a single rectangular block can get your puzzle solving brain cranking? Cuboid, developed by HeroCraft, is an awesome puzzle game involving a simple rectangular block that will mess with your brain more than you would of expected. The goal is to rotate the block from face-to-face of the block, across an ever changing grid board […]

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