Review: Cuboid – 3D Puzzle Fun!

Ready to see how much a single rectangular block can get your puzzle solving brain cranking?

Cuboid, developed by HeroCraft, is an awesome puzzle game involving a simple rectangular block that will mess with your brain more than you would of expected. The goal is to rotate the block from face-to-face of the block, across an ever changing grid board to a gateway hole and drop the block in. Looks simple as hell when you first open the game up. You’ll quickly realize its far from it.

Like many games, there is the “3-star” scoring of success when passing a level. 1 star is you passed, 3 stars is you kicked butt and you can tell 10,000 of your closest friends on Facebook how awesome you think you are. LOSER!

To move onto the next level, you need a certain amount of coins to purchase/unlock that level. You earn coins passing levels successfully. Passing a level with 3 stars earns you a lot more coins than passing a level with only 1 star. So you can work your way through various levels but eventually you will run out of coins and either be forced to go and try to earn 3 stars for previously passed levels, or of course you can break out your Mastercard and buy the damn coins. But the credit card is not necessary as long as you have the patience to earn 3 stars on each level.

Every level has a “Hint” button. Which is more of an “I have no flippin clue button.” For X amount of coins you can purchase the solution and it will visually show you how you need to flip-flop your block around the board to eventually have it rotate just right to drop down inside the gateway hole. Guess its more of a Glory Hole since you are so happy and feeling glorious once you successfully “stick your Cuboid in the hole.” Of course, without the fear of it being some 80 year old dude on the other side. **barf**

Levels obviously get more and more difficult as you progress through the game. Some levels have buttons you have to rotate onto in a certain way to activate them, which can open or close bridges to get to other portions of the board. There are also fun little tweaks like a teleport node that when you rotate onto it, your rectangular block gets split in two. Placing your two cubes on different parts of the board, which you then have to work each piece individually to activate and deactivate the various buttons. When the time is right you bring your two cubes together at the proper location for them to reunite into the rectangle Cuboid, so that it can then drop into the… say it with me… GLORY HOLE!

For those that love visual puzzles that require you to think 5 moves ahead, like a game of chess, you will eat this game up. I’m not very good at puzzles and get frustrated easily, but am really enjoying this game. When I feel the urge to toss my iPad across the room, I just stop the game and come back to it later and somehow I can find the solution.

This is an iOS only game so far. Sorry Androiders. Applenauts, you can enjoy a Glory Hole of your own for free from the App Store.

Final Rating: 7/10

(Would of been an 8 but crashed twice on me)

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On: 
iOS (iPad 2)
Available On: 
iOS App Store
Time to completion: 
Still playing it
Price Bought at: 
Current Price: 
Recommend Purchase Price: 
FREE (worthy of paying for though)
Why you should download it:
Enjoy puzzle games
Why you shouldn’t download it:  
Mind games like chess and other visual puzzle solving games annoy you.

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