In Depth: The 10 Ways Indie Developers Fail to Market Their Game

No matter what format, what system or what game you are developing for, there are certain things that can doom your game regardless of how good or bad it is from the start.  While this article is written with a focus on XBLIG’s, much of these apply to any indie game developer looking to make a dollar off of their […]

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Review: They Breathe – A Breath of Fresh Air

They Breathe is ultimately a game about swimming to the bottom of a mysterious body of water and avoiding the various obstacles that stand in your way.  That is seriously underselling it though.  In fact, They Breathe is hard to describe, not because the game is overly complicated or even atypical (though it is atypical), but because in giving away […]

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Review: Defender II (Android) – Monsters, Crossbows and Fireballs oh my!

Defender II is a tower defense title for your Android powered smart phone where you must defend your castle wall from an ever-increasing army of various monsters. To do this you must use your badass crossbow and various magic (and other upgrades) to fend off their advances. Featuring what seems like a countless number of stages and an online multiplayer, […]

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