Target scares up deals for Friday the 13th and some obscure clearance games


Right now Target has a handful of unadvertised Xbox One and PS4 games on sale/clearance. While in-store pricing and stock may vary, there’s some excellent opportunities to add some lesser-known games to your backlog on the cheap. Target is slashing the price of Friday the 13th by 50% through the 20th when you use the Target app/Cartwheel offer at checkout.  […]

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Spider-Man (2018) – Review

Superhero games are hard, often constructed for a marketing deadline, like a film based on the same IP. We’ve been making these since 1979 and you can only count the great ones on one hand if we’re eliminating tertiary inclusions like any of the LEGO games, which all have the same basic framework regardless of the property they’re adapting (much […]

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Dr. Geek: The Next Generation of Video Game Consoles

What was the first video game console system you played on?  Was it a PlayStation 2?  A Sega Dreamcast?  A Super Nintendo Entertainment System?  An Atari 2600?  A Magnavox Odyssey? In 1972, Magnavox released the Odyssey as the first computer system built to connect to a television set in order to allow people to play digital games in the comfort […]

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