In Depth: The 10 Ways Indie Developers Fail to Market Their Game

No matter what format, what system or what game you are developing for, there are certain things that can doom your game regardless of how good or bad it is from the start.  While this article is written with a focus on XBLIG’s, much of these apply to any indie game developer looking to make a dollar off of their […]

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Hands on Preview: Confrontation (PC)

For those of you who love tactical RPG’s that combine the feeling of Diablo and Warhammer, your opus may have just arrived.  Confrontation, a tactical RPG developed by Cyanide Studios, brings you directly into the fantasy universe of Aarklash.  It is here that a fierce campaign is waged between the heroic Griffin faction, the insidious Scorpion faction, the ferocious Wolf […]

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Review: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (PC) – Giving Away a Digital Copy!

Holy crapping crap, crapping some bricks!  This pretty much sums up my experiences playing The Witcher 2 thus far.  This game is absolutely downright amazing all across the board.  Frankly I haven’t been this excited about playing an RPG since Lost Odyssey a very long time ago, and I can say that I like it a lot more.  From character […]

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