Backlog Quest: Day 0 – The Adventure Begins

Dear Journal,

Today I realized I have a problem.

How did this all begin anyway?  I suppose I have Cheap Ass Gamer to blame, at least in part.  At what point does a deal on a video game literally become so good that you can’t resist it?  Well, apparently, for me that point doesn’t take much.

I mean, how did this happen?

My Xbox 360 backlog mocks me.

Something has to be done about this, for the sake of my shelf space if nothing else.  That is why I have decided to embark on this adventure, this quest, to rid myself of my gaming backlog (or at least make a noticeable dent in it).  Some of the games are newer, some are as old as an Xbox 360 game can be.  Some are modern classics I just haven’t gotten around to playing for one reason or another, some are bad movie tie-ins to bad movies.  Either way, they have to go, but before they do they must all be played.

It’s like making your kid smoke a carton of cigarettes as punishment for smoking one; hopefully this will end the madness and I will never let my backlog get so massive again (and hopefully it won’t simply drive me mad before I see the end). The pages of this journal will fill up quickly as I document my experiences; as even playing one game a day would hardly be enough to clear out the collection before the year is out.

Something has to be done.

This journal will serve as a record of this quest to cleanse myself of my backlog. Hopefully it will be a record of my victory. Perhaps it will serve as a record of my madness as well.

Either way, the Backlog Quest begins.

Journal Entries:

Backlog Quest: Day 1 – Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011 – Awkward hunting is awkward

Backlog Quest: Day 2 – Centipede: Infestation – C’mon you apes! You wanna live forever?

Backlog Quest: Day 3 – Jurassic: The Hunted – Dinosaur go boom!

Backlog Quest: Day 4 – Spider-Man: Edge of Time – On the edge of good

Backlog Quest: Day 5 – Splatterhouse – Splattering bad all over my TV

Backlog Quest: Day 6 – Starfox 64 3D – I still hate Slippy

Backlog Quest: Day 7 – Bodycount – Let the expectations hit the floor

Backlog Quest: Day 8 – Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D – Let’s get ready to snore!

Backlog Quest: Day 9 – Rock of the Dead – Party on Neil!

Backlog Quest: Day 10 – Shadows of the Damned – Fear the Boner

Backlog Quest: Day 11 – Where the Wild Things Are – Childhood and Junk

Backlog Quest: Day 12 – Thor: God of Thunder – Thunder? More like blunder!

Backlog Quest: Day 13 – The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Backlog Quest: Day 14 – Tron: Evolution – Off the Grid, Yo!

Backlog Quest: Day 15 – Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

Backlog Quest: Day 16 – X-Men: Destiny

Backlog Quest: Day 17 – Darkest of Days – Best if read in Arnold voice

Backlog Quest: Day 18 – Pilotwings Resort

Backlog Quest: Day 19 – Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers – Bob Uecker not included

Backlog Quest: Day 20 – Zoo Resort – Run a zoo by taking photos?

Backlog Quest: Day 21 – Halo: CE Anniversary – Tea bagged in nostalgia

Backlog Quest: Day 22 – Call of Juarez: The Cartel – No one wins

Backlog Quest: Day 23 – Dreamworks Superstar Kartz – Mario Kart it is not

Backlog Quest: Day 24 – Goldeneye 007 Reloaded – Reviewed not stirred

Backlog Quest: Day 25 – Driver: Renegade – Serious road rage

Backlog Quest: Day 26 – Rango – Don’t stop now, this is bat country!

Backlog Quest: Day 27 – Civil War: Secret Missions

Backlog Quest: Day 28 – Cars 2

Backlog Quest: Day 29 – Rogue Warrior – Just really f’n bad

Backlog Quest: Day 30 – Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes

Backlog Quest: Day 31 – Homefront

The backlog was not vanquished in just one go, make sure to also check out Backlog Quest II.


  • The real madness is not having them alphabetized.

  • uncle5555 (CAG)

    I **mockingly** 😉 laugh at your backlog, mine if it were a child would be 17 years old now (PS1 era games I’ve yet to finish, that I bought back in the late 90’s), I’m sure there are others who have as old or older backlog *shudder* but that is mine.

    Good luck, my pile is bigger, just means I got a lot of playing to do (years worth in fact) that’ll keep me busy on a rainy day. 😉

  • uncle5555 (CAG)

    Didn’t know there were 200 “good” N64 games?

    Yeah other than a few must keep SNES titles, I didn’t keep much on hand from the old 16-bit and prior days. (Sold my Neo Geo, Genesis, NES, TG-16, Atari, some time back) I didn’t play them they were taking up too much room.

    I own pretty much every system from PS1 and up (not 3DO and other oddities like that) so between SNES, DC, N64, and PS1 I think there are 200 or so games I have for them, some are backlog, but back then I actually had time to play, haha. Seems to me these days, I take more time buying them, than actually playing them, so I feel your pain. 😉

  • If these are the games in your backlog, which games have you played so far on 360? Most of my favorites appear to be in this pile: Dead Space 2, Fallout 3, The Orange Box, etc.

    • Dead Space 2 has been played before, there is even a review on CBR (this pile included everything I had on my shelf which included about maybe 6 titles I had played already, but notably didn’t include most titles that I’ve reviewed for backlog quest). I have about 200 played games on my Xbox activity list (not counting the 24 apps/etc. that I’ve played). A fair amount of those are XBLA (for a while that was like all I played) but more than a few disc games as well.

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