Review: Subway Surfers – Tag and Dash!

Move over Temple Run, Subway Surfer just 1 up’d you!

Subway Surfer, developed by Kiloo, is a vibrant colored game with a lot of fun obstacles to run, jump, and fly past. Instead of running from evil monkeys like you did in Temple Run, you are running from the train-yard police and their sidekick dog.

While running you are collecting coins to allow you to purchase various perks to improve your getaway and add some fun things. You run, jump over, and roll under the various obstacles as you run through the course that has 3 train tracks as your pathway. There are various train cars that are parked, along with plenty that are cruising full speed down the tracks towards you that you must dodge.

To get on top of the subway cars, you run up the ramps of train cars that have their gate down, allowing you to run along their roof tops. Jumping from car to car, trying not to die or slow down too much allowing the train-yard police can catch up to you.

Along the course there are objects to collect such as a pair of springy shoes that help you jump greater distances and let you you spring up high enough to jump on top of the subway cars. My personal favorite is the jetpack spray can that allows you to fly up and over everything to collect all the coins above the tracks until your can of paint runs out.

Besides running like the vandalizing punk that you are, there are various missions for you to complete. There are 3 missions available for you at a time and you must complete all 3 of them before you are given a new set.

There is also a “Daily Challenge” which opens a mystery box that has tokens, coins, upgrades, boosts, etc. There are different methods of opening the box. One way involves collecting the “letters” that are found on the course that spell the word needed for the Daily Challenge. Occasionally you’ll find a mystery box somewhere on the course that you can collect. And you can always just purchase a mystery box in the shop for 500 coins. This is the quickest way, odds wise, to collect tokens to unlock the various characters. If that’s your goal. Otherwise save your coins for all the other fun goodies.

This is an iOS “Game Center” connected game, so you can compete with your friends and compare scores. Everything is based on score, not distance. Further you go and collect more and more coins, the better your score.

Currently, this is an iOS only game, but being that this same developer made the Frisbee Forever game I enjoyed and reviewed for the Android platform also, I’m sure this game will make it to Android soon.

Final Rating: 8/10

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On: 
iPad 2
Available On: 
 iOS App Store
Time to completion: 
Still playing it, trying to unlock everything.
Gamer Score Earned:
Over 39k
Price Bought at: 
Current Price: 
FREE on iTunes
Recommend Purchase Price: 
Why you should download it: 
You liked Temple Run and are ready for a better game 
Why you shouldn’t download it:  
As a kid you put a penny on the train tracks to watch it get flattened but your best friend never moved out of the way.

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